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February Bulletin Board

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Project and bulletin board ideas for February

February Bulletin Board
Posted by: Kimberly

I had all of my students bring in a baby photo. I carefully taped them up on hearts and the caption was...Can you Guess the Valentine Sweetheart? I posted a list of my kids names on a heart also. Everyone loved it, old and young alike. At the end of the month (last week of February) I posted the names underneath the pictures. What fun!

February BB
Posted by: Becky

One of my favorite bulletin boards for February was "You've Got Mail" The students decorated mailboxes that had flags that could be raised with little gold brads. I cut the shape of a box with an opening to stick mail in. For the month of Feb. we sent friendly letters to one another. When students put letters in other student's boxes they would raise the flag. Often I would put candy, pencils or erasers in all their boxes and raise their flags. They LOVED getting mail. I was very careful that all students were getting mail though.

February Bulletin Board Idea
Posted by: Alana

Here's a cute idea I picked up in one of my surfing adventures. I made one up myself and it was so adorable!

The title is "Hogs and Kisses" The hogs are made
from 2 hearts both facing down and glued together.
You use colored hearts for the ears....attach the
hoofs and let them make a face on them. I put a
cute corkscrew tail on them that looks like a spring when attached. Hearts for the cheeks also..
For the kisses...just a brown candy kiss shape and
glue on facial features....add a white strip at the top with xoxoxo on it....

Kids and parents alike both loved this one!

President's Day
Posted by: Margie

You might want to consider making silouettes of the children. You could first show the silouettes of Washington and Lincoln. You could read a book about the two presidents. After that, you could discuss how many times silouettes are used to picture Washington and Lincoln and that the students in the class will be making their own silouettes. You can shine a large flashlight against the wall and the child and outline the child's silouette on a piece of paper as the child stands next to the wall. I hope this helps!

Dental Health Month
Posted by: Kelly

Since February is dental health month, I decided to use this as the theme for my bulletin board in the hallway. I had each child trace and cut out a tooth pattern on white paper. Then I made a huge toothbrush using oaktag and colored it red. I used cut up strips of white paper to make 3D bristles for the toothbrush. I stapled the big toothbrush to an empty bulletin board and took each child's picture with the digital camera next to it. I made sure the children smiled with their biggest, tooth-showing smiles. I put the pictures in the middle of each tooth, and included a caption of what that child does to keep his or her teeth healthy. I called it "We Take Care of Our Smiles". It came out really cute. Good luck!

Posted by: AussieBird

Have a look here:

Valentine Bulletin Boards:

Class in a Box
Cut out a large heart out of paper. Decorate the heart to resemble a valentine box of candy. Have each child create a small picture of themselves. Glue each of your children's pictures in the heart (lined up like the candy) and write their name below their picture. You can title this board "One Sweet Box," "Class in a Box," "My Sweeties," "Our Assorted Sweeties," etc.

Give your children heart shaped sponges to paint with. Let them all create on one big piece of paper (one that will fit on the board) Next, ask the children who they love and write this randomly on the bulletin board

Simple, yet functional, Valentine Holders inspired by Ms Ross (pictured)
Students get two pieces of 12x18" red construction paper and a half heart pattern. They fold the red paper in half and trace the half heart with the straight line on the fold. They cut out the hearts and set them aside. You can do a lesson on symmetry when making the hearts.

Next, the students get a 12x18" piece of brown construction paper and trace a bear pattern.( Find a coloring page online) They use pink constuction paper to make a heart nose and the inside of the ears. They draw a face on their bear and glue it on top of one heart. Staple the other heart on top, leaving an opening to put the Valentines in. I write their name in large letters on the front of the heart so it is easy to deliver Valentines. The students LOVE this bulletin board.

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Suggestions for February bulletin board
Posted by: Jutte

I have used

using pictures of Lincoln, Washington, groundhog, Valentine's,

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