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March Bulletin Board

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Bulletin board and project ideas for March

March Bulletin Board
Posted by: Jennie

I'm doing a bulletin board entitled "Marching Through Women's History" in honor of National Women's History Month. My students are creating a huge time line and are researching women throughout history. We have collected pictures from various magazines and Internet sources and the kids are writing a short bio for each featured woman. They are also creating question cards to display along the outside of the bulletin board asking various questions about the featured women, how to read the time line, etc. Good way to review purposes for writing, literary genres, time lines, famous women and make a great display! And yes, it does incorporate math, with the time line. Maybe this will help!

March Bulletin Board
Posted by: Sarah

"Marching for the End of The Rainbow" is a theme I use in March as it also incorporates St Patrick's Day.
I have hills with leprechauns marching over them towards a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I also use four leaf clovers (shamrocks) as the border!

Shamrock idea
Posted by: Becky

I'm not sure where I found this idea, but I am planning on using it around the beginning of March. I'm going to send a large paper shamrock home with each child for homework. They will have to decorate it with things that tell about themselves with help from a parent. My phrase on the bulletin board will say, "How lucky that we are all different!"

bulletin board
Posted by: Robin

We are going to be making leprechauns, but instead of doing the St. Patrick's Day theme with them, we are going to write pieces for "I'm Lucky to be in _________ School". The students will brainstorm things that they like about our classroom/school and describe them. You can do the lucky theme with another topic, if you want. We have also made leprechauns by folding a sheet of 12 X18 construction paper into 8 boxes. If you cut off the first box in the second row and the last box in the second row and glue them to the first row, these become the sleeves. Then, they fold in and you can cut the bottom row into pants by making a "V" slit in the middle.Add a paper plate head and a cotton beard. Students can write limericks. The limericks are glued inside the folded arms. This "8 box" technique works well for book characters, self-portraits, etc. We also have made spring bulletin boards by making vases out of wallpaper and dipping white paint in Q-Tips for pussy willows, or using puffed wheat for them and wadded up yellow tissue paper for forsythia. Students can then write haikus about spring or cinquains. Hope this helps you!

You're solid Gold
Posted by: Lynn

I do a bulletin board titled "You're Solid Gold"
I think have a pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow. The rainbow is made out of different colored chains(like the ones people make a christmas) I have also seen this same concept using hands as the rainbow. I just read that I could also put the children's pictures on the pieces of gold.

St. Patricks Day, etc. for March
Posted by: Brigitte

First, don't forget that March 2 is Dr. Suess's birthday and there are many cool things that you can do with that. Have your students use construction paper to make the red and white cat hat. You can create a head band for the students to wear the hat or you can use each hat to decorate your bb for rhyming words from the books of Dr. Suess.

Math - sorting - use Lucky Charm cereal to sort the marshmellow shapes. Create a rainbow to display in the room.

Learning is Treasured - using construction paper, have your students make a black pot, using yellow construction paper cut into circles have them write one word on each circle that they associate with learning. For younger classrooms, they can dictate the words to a scribe. It's good to get upto 20 words on the paper. (depending on the size)

We're As Good As Gold - bb - create a big black pot with the words 'pot of gold' on the front in gold construction paper. Use multiple colored streamers to creat an end of the rainbow effect. Take a digital picture of each of your students and blow it up to fit on a small desert paper plate. Put two of the paper plates together to give it a raised look. Glue the students picture to one side and label. Using gold/yellow cellophane paper, wrap each plate and attach to the bb to be your pieces of gold. You can also use shamrocks to let students write a sentence about what they love to learn in school and place around the pot. For a greater effect, take a picture of each classroom teacher and aide and make each one a leprechan on the board. Good luck!