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Theme - Hollywood Theme

Compiled By: luv2teach77

Classroom themes are increasingly more and more popular. Here's a collection of ideas to help you create a Hollywood theme in your classroom.

Hooray for Hollywood
Posted by: Dewey

Do their handprints on paper a la Grauman's Chinese Theatre...Use a digital camera and take glammed up head shots...b and w or sepia only...Make a movie to premiere as an event...Set up a drugstore snackbar and discover talent as was Lana Turner...Write a fan magazine with class biographies...Your back to school theme could be an open casting call for students...Lights, camera..action! What a fun year...Post on a web page, please! Be sure to Oscar an awards Day at school...Have a blast...Study social studies by the decades introducing major stars...Assign "homework" to watch old movies with family on AMC and TMC.

Hollywood/Movie theme
Posted by: Lori Shaw

I am using the Hollywood theme in my classroom this year. Along with the red carpet and the walk of fame (which will be used for our student of the week) we are using a director's chair for the author's chair and star student.

Bulletin Board in the hallway for the first day will have Christmas lights around it with their names in stars and a big poster board sign which reads NOW FEATURING SHAW'S SHINING STARS!

We are making a big palm tree out of cardboard and construction paper for our reading corner!

For the daily special classes we have made little director ( I can't think of the name of them, but they are used to put what scene they are doing and they are black and white?--sorry so vague! We made them using 8x10 chalkboards that had a wood frame, a hinge and a ruler. They are darling and they can be used over and over again.

Let me know if you come across any other ideas for the Hollywood theme.

Just another idea--paper with sunglasses on them so that kids can do goal setting for the year....or things that they hope to learn.....Their future's so bright they have to wear shades!!!!!!

Just a few ideas--I hope this helps!

Hollywood Themed Behavior Bingo
Posted by: buster

I attached my example designed for a "movie/Hollywood" room. I cut up different representations of numbers using base ten blocks. One of the first math concepts I introduce is place value so I am going to reinforce that by using these cards. I think I will have students draw a a number out and let the student tell everyone what the number is. I am also going to alternate a prize everytime we play. I will probably post what the prize is on a sentence strip above the bingo poster.

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movie theme/stars
Posted by: tia

i, too, am doing a movie theme (At the Movies!) this year--never done it. no ideas for job board (not everything i do IS centered around the theme (i do WAY too much as it is....)

but here is what i'm doing:

*first, you can get stars (blue, red, yellow, or muted gold) at Dollar Tree--they are on thicker paper, about the size of your palm--i think there are 30 in a pack. (you could also use your ellison machine, if you have one, but this may save you some time!

*first day of school: i'm laying out the red carpet (got one at our party supply store--think it was only $15--might be able to get a piece of carpet for free or cheap at carpet store if you tell them you're a teacher. i'll also put it out for any "special" days (if i remember!)

*before school starts, i invite my students in to help set up room--we also we do a meet-n-greet this year to drop off supplies and meet teacher; at this time, i'll have them pick a piece of costume out of box, and i'll take a pic, post on a star, and post those out in the hallway under some banner about Now Starring...or something.

i have all these 1/2ideas that i haven't flushed out yet because i don't really want to think about school starting!

*i bought some border--it's plasticky--that looks like movie frames; i'm going to have the kids draw pictures of what they did during the summer with sharpies and then border a bull. board that shows their writing.

*for my AR board, they'll get pics of Oscars for each 5 pts--not sure what i'll attach them to (maybe each kid will get a shelf or something...)

*i also found a "street sign" that says hollywood to put over my door!

that's all i've got so far, would love to hear other ideas.

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Re: Help!! Movie theme question.
Posted by: Gotta Java

Ideas I've got a lot of ideas... And almost all have come from this site. I'll attach my list I compiled over the summer. It's about 4 pages long. My room looks cute, cute, cute if I say so myself! I hope my students like it. Look through this attachement (it'll save you time than having to search through all the old threads, but there's probably some ideas out here I missed) and then start at your party supply store. The hollywood stuff will get you started. There's really a lot of creative things you can do with this theme. Good Luck! Let me know if you need some more ideas. :D

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Posted by: REB

"Roll out the Red Carpet for these Stars" - as either a welcome area, or student of the week/9 weeks/month area.

"Starworthy News" - for upcoming classroom events and news, or maybe homework assignments.

"Smile, You're a Star" - for pictures you may have of your class.

"Lights, Camera, Action" - maybe for picture area?

I did this theme last year, and am doing it again this year, and adding a little to it.

I teach music, and am adding street signs that I found at a party supply store for my centers.

Also, I do a BRAVO! wall, for student achievement, and they get to autograph their own star and it hangs up the whole 9 weeks, and then they get to take it home.

You could do a "Wall of fame" for your student achievement, or maybe any subject you wanted to highlight that they did well in.

We have teachers who put a list of students who make honor and banner roll outside their doors, maybe this would be a good use for this as well....with the "Wall of Fame" idea.

Hope this helped. pm me if you need any other ideas.

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No title
Posted by: Scouty_TX

I did a movie theme last year and it was so much fun. Here are some of the things I did...

I got black fabric and hung it around my large blackboard like a big movie curtain. I just gathered and stapled it across the top and hung it down the sides. It really was a focal point and made it look just like a real movie theater.

For one of my bulletin boards I got some red and white striped fabric and cut it into the shape of a popcorn bag. Then I bunched up yellow and white paper and stapled it like it was spilling out of the bag and I wrote... "Great work is popping up!"

You could use plastic popcorn holders for supplies, a red carpet area,

Here are some other bulletin boards slogans you could use...

"Now starring in 3rd grade ..."
"Books in Review"
"_________"s in the spotlight"
"Places Everyone.... "was one title I used for a place value unit at the beginning of the year

Hope these help:)

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hollywood theme
Posted by: Jess

I taught 4th grade last year and had a hollywood theme. I had a red carpet in the reading lounge/library and my library was called Blockbuster Books. I had the wall of fame where each week the student of the week placed their handprint in fabric paint and I cut it out and placed it on the wall of fame. My classroom jobs were DIRECTOR-line leader and leads the pledge, also would draw numbers daily for the jobs, AGENT- takes materials to office or picks up materials from office- STAGE CREW- these students clean up at the end of the day, SCRIPT DELIVERS- students passed out papers or supplies to the class. At the beginning of the year I has my door decoration with "Mrs. ______ 4th grade Cast and the students names on stars. On a wall on the inside I had their names on cut out trophies that said "Award Winning Students". I also had the classroom jobs decorated in red movie tickets- I gave students red movie tickets each week if they did not earn any demerits. On Friday I would draw two from each class for a small prize or lunch with me. Hope this helps.

Posted by: Dewey

Perhaps school mascot wood...ex.lionswood...if young children, could award Oscar-type figures for good behavior,etc...give star billing to top students...class list could be Starring...Give yourself Director/Producer credits...Why not make the first day a Premier Party...roll out the red carpet..."cater" the event with snacks on silver platters(plastic}from a party store...plastic champagne glasses for punch...have volunteer servers in formal attire...Have a digital camera on hand to record event...could give kids a glamor shot...assemble costuming options...Preserve in a powerpoint'll be the toast of the sure to invite administration to hobnob with the rich and famous...collect autographs as a getting to know you...Go over the top to be glamorous yourself and the kids won't forget it...I posted school slogans under a spotlight theme on the other board...Have fun darlings,kiss kiss.

Walk of Fame
Posted by: Jennifer in OK

Have a silver or gold star with each student's name and have the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You could even do it on a wall and call it the Wall of Fame. If you have a paper size cut out, you could let students post a choice of assignment - if your school is ok with that - and it could be a yearlong thing.

You could also take their picture on the first day posed as a movie star with sun glasses or in a model pose. This is always fun if you take the beginning and end of the year pic to compare their growth.

You could have a b-board with award winning subjects like "Best Mathematician = Addie Addition", "Grammar in a Supporting Role = Casey Comma" or whatever other things go on in 1st grade. (I'm 4th so I'm thinking higher up stuff.)

You could have a "Star of the Week" or "Award Winning Student" who is your helper and have a b-board devoted to that student. Let them bring the item to put on the board.

Your centers could be named after Oscar winning actors, actresses, or movies.

MS Word
Posted by: yesteach

There's a "ticket shape" in the Draw Toolbar, you can make a ticket then put whatever text or graphic on it that you want.. should work.

Would something like this work.. just type in the student's name.

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for 6th grade
Posted by: Hollywood Theme

I too have a Hollywood Theme for my 6th grade class. It was my director's chair (given to me with my name by a student teacher of mine) that gave me the idea, along with the popularity of American Idol, I thought it would be right up their ally. My room is simple. I have 4 bulletin boards.
1. Filming on Location, highlighting social studies and ancient civilizations. The border is filmstrip made from our teacher center and a couple of cut outs of cameras.
2. This board has a marquee (made from lined butcher paper and shiny metallic border) which states "(Name) Elementary Presents and off to its side is small banner-like strips with the reading genres (mystery, biography, humorous, etc) and are put next to the Now Appearing sign. The board is for our response to literature writing.
3. I bought a bulletin board pkg at a local school supply that was a center stage idea with curtains, stage, and lights. This board is my word wall/vocabulary area. We talk about how actors convey their performance through their vocab...etc.
4. The last board is small and it is my TV Land (my initials are TV and my kids love telling their parents they watch TV all day. I use this for a variety of things; math, current events, spelling, etc.
I also have a Walk of Fame (go online and read about it, people are voted to have a star and it cost money, very interesting)I use this for an awards area but the possibilities are limitless.
I have a job wheel that is a star mounted on a big circle with 5 jobs (points to students) Director(flag salute), Agent(answers phone),Producer(checks homework), Props(passes out paper),Actor(runs arrands)
I've talked enough. Hope this gives you some ideas. I'm always looking for ideas too. Good luck.

Posted by: Speced9

Here's a film deskplate I had.

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Movie Theme
Posted by: buster

I am also doing this theme in my room. Outside of my room I am putting up black BB paper and the phrase, "Setting the Stage for Learning!" The first day of school I am going to take a picture of each student, have them autograph it, have them make handprints and write what they expect to learn and do in second grade this year to post on my BB. Above my door I am creating a sign that looks like a theater display that says, "Presenting Star Attractions." To list my students in my classroom I created a list that says, "Now Starring..." I am going to make a clapboard to put up near my doorway listing my room number, name, grade. Also, I found star wire (it bends and you can decorate presents with it) and attached it all over my ceiling. At Meet the Teacher I am giving students popcorn with a note that says, "Thanks for popping in."

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Posted by: Angie

Bulletin Boards:
Now Playing in the __Grade:
Put yellow circles as border (like lights) and then out student names on stars or like on a marquee sign or on those "take 1" things
And the Oscar goes to....
Change the name of the award to something more personal or school related; use for a place to post good work or behavior or as a spotlight student board
Movie "STAR" Behavior
To post behavior charts or incentives

You could have the reading area be where they "watch a movie in their head."
Name your jobs after movie jobs (producer, director, lead actor/actress, props/set workers).
Tie popcorn theme into some bulletin boards/activities.
Do compare and contrast display on kids books turned into movies (James and Peach, Matilda, Holes, Charlie and Factory, Harry Potter, Tuck)
Directors Chair for sharing seat/author's chair.
Hope that helps!

Movie Theme
Posted by: Mary Baker

Barbara - if you have access to a die cut machine, you can cut a camera and a filmstrip. One of the teachers last year, laminated a bunch of the die cut "filmstrips" together, and then made a bulletin board border. As Far as AR points, if they get to a certain point, they could make stars for the "Walk of Fame". You could also use that "Magic Mold"(I think is what it is called from Crayola". You could buy a star cake pan at Michaels, put the Magic mold in it, and then have the kids stick their hands in it. When it sets up, pop it out and they have their hands casted. It is really light weight, so you could paint it and hang it up on the bulletin board.

Class Jobs -
Producer - Class Leader
Assistant Producer - Assistant Class Leader
Set Designer - Organize Classroom
Assistant Set Designer - Take care of Plants
Scrip Producer - Takes care of Library.

Hope this helps!! Fabulous idea!

slogans for hollywood theme
Posted by: brastasi

I am doing the movie/hollywood theme in a fourth grade classroom. I will have stars with their names on them outside the classroom and the title "Now Featuring Mrs. N class of stars." I will have the word wall with each subject made out of giant boexs of popcorn with the words on the box-"STARING OUR WORD WALL" maybe a bullentin board that says "NOW IN THE SPOTLIGHT-EXPLORERS!.

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Hollywood Theme
Posted by: duke

I am using the trophy with each student's name on it and the caption: Make This An award Winning Year ( when I printed each trophy, I enlarged the trophy.)

I also am using the walk of fame star. I printed each student a star and I am going to put the stars on the floor along the wall with a red carpet going down the center of the floor in the hall outside our 5th grade area.
In the classroom across the chalk board, the caption is Lights, Camera, Action . Between the words I have large cutout of camera, film, etc. My bulletin board says: It's time to meet the stars. I have stars with the students' names on them.

I found a clipart of a director's chair for my job chart. One year I needed popcorn for my bulletin board so I used yellow cottonballs.

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