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Snowman Theme

Compiled By: shazam

Here are some snowman ideas for your classroom.

melting snowman
Posted by: Rebecca

I made a huge snowman for a bulletin board. It was titled "Why Snowman Don't Drink Hot Chocolate".The snowman looked like he was melting at the bottom and his mouth (looked like lumps of coal) was sliding down his face as was his buttons and his carrot nose. (He wasn't placed flat against the board but stapled at the top then kind of waved out then stapled and so on to make it have some dimension) It was REALLY cute! This year I'm going to add to the idea by having students make cups of hot chocolate to put around as a border or something like that. Also, I put up a huge Santa and he held a long blank list (it was stapled the same way to give it some dimension). As students were caught being good, their name was added to Santa's List. (Ofcourse I found some reason for everyone to get their name added--some just had to wait a little longer)Hope this helps you get started on your huge boards.

character snowman
Posted by: Tatum

I have the kids create a Snowman book report. Have the kids make three white circles of different sizes. Have them write the beginning, middle and end on the back of the three circles. You could also have them write character traits with specific details from the story on the back if you want. The front of the snowman can be decorated to represent the main character from the book they read. I have gotten some really cute ones in the past. (Harry Potter, Ramona, Henry and Mudge in lower grades, Ralph S. Mouse) The kids bring in the materials to create the snowman ahead of time. Felt, glitter, sequins, yarn, google eyes, cotton balls, buttons and anything else they want for their character snowman. they have a lot of fun while learning character analysis skills.

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Snowman idea
Posted by: Tatum

Hey there. I love snowman idea! I do something similar, but it's at school. I have the kids write the title on the hat, write a summary of the beginning on the back of the head, summary of the middle on the middle circle and the ending on the back of the largest circle on bottom. After they write the summary, they "dress" their snowman to represent the main character of the book. These are adorable. I have had Harry Potter snowman, Ramona snowman, and many more very cute ones. I attach string to these and hang them from the ceiling in January.

That was my BB title, It's Snow Secret...Reading is Cool! I am so glad to have been helpful.

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Snowman soup
Posted by: Trish

Snowman soup is just a chocolate flavored candy cane with hot chocolate mix. There are other recipes that are mor fancy, but I do it that way. I put both items in a snowman cup which I usually buy at Wal-Green's for 8 for $1 (just small plastic tumblers) and place all in a bag with the poem. I don't have the web site off hand, but if you search under Snowman soup printable poem, it'll come up.

I have done this for 3 years now and the kids love it

Snowman Pins
Posted by: Cheryl

I make snowman pins using can buy the foam sheets in many colours. I made snowman tracers out of cardboard. The children trace it on the white foam. After they have cut it out they get to decorate it.....make a hat, arms, scarf, broom etc. (all out of foam). We also use googly eyes. Then I put a pin on the back (you can buy them at Walmart). They also have the option of putting a magnet on the back. The kids really like this. (I teach grade 3)

Hope this helps!

Posted by: Cathy

It's not really an art project, but here's what I did this week. I made a large snowman holding a banner that says: It's "snow" secret. Fourth graders are "cool!" I hung shiny blue wrapping paper on the door and put the snowman in the middle. Then I had each of my students cut out a snowball and sign it. I scattered the snowballs all over the door. Now it looks like it was the target of a major snowball fight! Like I said, it wasn't very artsy, but it looks cute.

snowman craft
Posted by: dbd

Here's 2 fast and pretty easy ideas.

Have kids bring an empty clean can (veggie or soup)and an old sock (any color except white). Paint can with acrylic white paint mixed with salt. It should be pretty thick to look like snow on the can. When dry, hot glue sock to top of can to make the snowman's "stocking" hat. Have kids paint black eyes and mouth and orange nose. These are really cute. The sock needs to be cut off and a pompom hot glued on the end.

Also, you can use tongue depressors to make cute snowman ornaments. Use the same kind of paint as above to paint the stick on both sides- all but about an inch on top. When dry, paint the remaining part black - this is the hat. Hot glue pipe cleaner for the rim of the hat on both sides, and have kids use a toothpick to put on the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. I also hot glue ribbon for hanging on the tree. It's really cute, too.

Hope these two ideas help you! Happy holidays!

Posted by: mcgdogmc

I had my kids write instructions for building a snowman. We reviewed order words (First, second, next, finally, etc.) Then they wrote the directions in order in paragraph form. I have stationary that is shaped like a mitten. They wrote it on the mitten and colored it. I strung them on a piece of string and held them in place with clothespins. It looks like the mittens are drying on a clothesline. My class really enjoyed it.

Snowman Glyph
Posted by: Steph

I do a snowman glyph. I'm sure you can google it and find something. Generally it's a certain color boot for a favorite snow activity, colored mittens for a hot drink, earmuffs or a hat for boy/girl, coal mouth, smile, or frown for school can make a lot up. If you need more, I'll try to post my copy. I don't have it at home with me.


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Posted by: Trish

Do you want them to make the snowman to watch it melt or just to have?

Paper mache would be great to just let them make it.. sort of a keeper to remind them of the lesson or a great present for mom

if you want them to make then watch melt, use the ice that snow balls are made from.. I think it is called shaved ice?

frosty the snowman
Posted by: melanie

Wear white sweats, and pin black felt buttons on the front. Stuff the shirt so that it makes you a little round. A hoodie is best because you can wear the hood to hide your hair. Wear a toque or black top hat, a scarf, mitts, and black boots or big fluffy white slippers. Paint your face white and add rosy cheeks. For the carrot nose, roll orange construction paper into a cone and attach to your face with string tied around the back of your head. If you can find a pipe, it will complete the look.

Snowman Craft
Posted by: Cathy B.

I saw a cute pin with 2 different sized buttons. One button was the head and one button was the body. On the back they had glued a pin back and the buttons just touched each other and did not overlap. It had a felt hat glued on the head and a very thin red ribbon tied between the body and the head. It was really cute. It did not have a face, just the plain white buttons.

Posted by: rb

I make 3-D snowmen and hang them from the lights. I have the out line of a snowman wearing a hat. The kids cut out 3 or 4 on white paper. They add details like eyes, nose, etc. The hat part is coloured black. Some kids added scarves. Arms can be made either with brown construction paper or real twigs or no arms. Mittens could also be added. Fold each snowman in half vertically, then glue the half of one snowman to the half on the next one and so on until all three or four are glued together. (Hope this makes sense, it's hard to explain.) The finished product could also be used as a centerpiece. I then put put a string through the top to hang them.

snowman art
Posted by: KTf

I have used a tongue depressor stick painted white then decorated with a black felt "top hat" and use permanent markers to draw the face and buttons. Added detail would be a thin yarn "muffler" tied around his neck. Add a thin loop glued to the top to hang as an ornament. Don't forget the date on back so kids remember when they made it!! Have fun.