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Theme - Dog Theme

Compiled By: Mrs. G

Lots of ideas to go along with your Dog Theme classroom!

Posted by: Krissy

Some ideas...

BULLETIN BOARD: Make a big doghouse and put a bunch of little puppies with the students names on them. "A DOGGONE GOOD CLASS"

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT: Instead of using a stoplight, use puppies. Move them out of the doghouse for a warning, and further, and further for each infraction.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Make a big banner that says "A STUDENT TO BARK ABOUT..." and put their information below.

CLASS REWARD: Add spots to a big doggie to work toward a class reward.

PAW PRINTS: Print out large prints and put them on the floor of your room, or even up a wall.

READING CORNER: Create a cozy reading corner called "THE POUND" and add some fun pillows and stuffed dogs. Encourage students to bring in photgraphs of their own dogs and post them on the wall in the corner. Use a wooden fence to make a divider to give it a "pen" feeling. Use stamps with fabric paint to put paw prints all over the rug.

CALENDAR/MESSAGE BOARD: Create a large calendar board and title it "THE DOG DAYS OF SCHOOL" Put clip-art puppies all around to make it look playful.

CLASSROOM JOBS: Make a chart that looks like a large grassy area. Make a different "object" like a ball, tree, etc for each job and put a clothspin by it. Put the students names on doggies and rotate them. OR make little dogs with the jobs by them and put the students names on bones. Rotate the bones each week!

BACK TO SCHOOL TREAT: Make doggie bone shaped cookies for a
back to school treat at open house or the first week.

Dog Pound for time out: Dog House on board for missing work etc., Top Dog trophy award in January and June for 85% performance on attendance,behavior and work habits; colored dog bones, four for each student, in their pocket on a chart,entitled How is Your Day Going? They turn in "doggie bone" when a rule is broken. Tiny stamp at the end of the day if all bones were kept in their pocket. There is a small dog house on my desk to turn the bones in.

Bulletin Board Titles include "Dog Gone Good!" "Hot Diggity Dog". will send you free educational materials, including bookmarks, coloring books , videos etc.

How about making a bulletin board for behavior. Cut out a Dalmation for each student (no spots). If they've had a good day, week, etc. give their dog a spot. After they've acquired so many spots, they get a reward. Title it " I've Spotted Good Behavior"

Posted by: Cheryl B.

Hello! I have used Dalmatians (dogs) as a theme for several years and I have too much money tied up to change. Each year I add new items. I use dog themed fabric to cover bulletin boards. All my boards has dog titles such as "Leash Laws" for our rules. I used 101 Dalmatians coloring books for pictures. I put dogs on my bulletin board in the hall with student names on the dogs. There is a large dog and fire hydrant with the words "Fired Up For Third Grade." I could go on and on. If you would like me to mail more detailed information I would be glad to. E-mail your address to me and I will mail it to you. It will be a few weeks since I will be on vacation. Good luck! Dogs are a great theme and kids love it. Also, we view 101 Dalmatians on the 101st day of school and list 101 reasons we like third grade.

Posted by: Lori G

I used the Carson Dellosa dog house this past year. My behavior chart consisted of dog dishes with a series of "bones" in each. It said, "No bones about it behavior" We pulled bones for misbehavior. I also used that theme with my helpers. I called them "Watch Dogs". My computer score incentive board was made up of paw prints and said, "PAWS-itively great scores". My classroom behavior board said, "Give a Dog a Bone". We added a large bone to a giant dish each day that the children came back from their enrichment class with a good behavior report. After 10 bones had been collected, we celebrated.

However, if you want to use the green walls, you could say "MOOOOvin' in to ______Grade" and use cow cut-outs for each child.

Have a blessed year!

Posted by: Kari

I have used "Top Dogs" as my theme for three years now. I have a "Top Dog of the Week" for my student of the week. On the first day of school, I take a dog bowl full of small pieces of brownies that look like dog food that students eat. They love it! I purchased a pinata dog that is our class mascot. His name is "READO." I have a class set of Henry Huggins books that we read, and I allow students to bring a pet to school. Also, the Really Good Stuff catalog has a Top Dog poster. E-mail if you need more ideas.

Posted by: Julie

I have a dog theme in my room. I have my special person board called "Pick of the Litter." I also have a TOP DOG every week and they get to sit by my desk and take home REX our stuffed bulldog for the weekend. In my reading corner I have dog prints and books and it says "Chasing down a good book" You could also say "Wrap your paws around a good book. There were some posts a week or so ago about dogs look back maybe you can find more.

DOg theme
Posted by: Tabitha/5th

I am using the same theme in my classroom this year. I have already got a job chart with the title "Puppy Duties"
My back to school board is the Big Dog School house with extra cut outs of dogs and it will be titled "A Dog Gone Good Class"
Behavior management system "Hot Diggity Dog Bahavior" is a Dog house, a fire hydrant, a tree, and a food bowl and ball. I have clip art dogs that I blew up and colored. They will start out at the food bowl/ball for good behavior, 1st warning they move to the tree, 2nd warning the fire hydrant and the dog house for sever behavior. It matches my class code of conduct consequences. I will put this up on a display board so that I can move it around the class room if needed.
Reading corner is "The Courtyard". I have a carpet and real cool dog pillows that I am getting from Kmart. I will also have two comfy chairs. I plan on using fabric paint and put paw prints and balls and bones all over the boarder of the carpet. You could also get little wooden fence and place it on the outside of the carpet.
student of the month: "A Student to Bark About"
Table points they collect dog bones still making these.
Calendar/message board "The Dog Days of Scool"
Time out area is "The Pound"
I am looking for a dog bone cookie cutter to make sugar cookies in the shape of the bone for a first day of school treat.
You can make giant paw prints and place them running up the wall or on the floor of your room.
I got some of my ideas from an earlier post. Hope this helps with some great ideas for you. I like a couple of the ones posted before me and I am going to use some of them.

dog theme
Posted by: Deb S.

I'm using the dog theme as well this year. I've found some great clip art on the web of dogs that I've cut out and laminated and put up on my boards. Also I found an old puppy calender to cut up. At a discount store I got a Welcome mat with puppies on it and a dalmation soap dispenser for next to nothing. I cut a dog with a cake off of one of those B-Day bags to use on my B-day board. My teacher supply store actually had dalmation boarder and border with bones on it. You might be able to find some cute dog posters at stores like K-Mart. Don't forget stuffed dogs for the reading center (try yard sales).
Outside my classroom door I plan on having dalmations with the students names on them. It'll say, Look who's been spotted in 2nd Grade!
Hope these ideas help!

Clifford Theme
Posted by: Amy C.

I used a Clifford theme in my 1st grade classroom for several years and the kids loved it! Here are a few ideas:

Welcome Board: "Paws" To Meet Mrs. _________ Class!
I did a HUGE Clifford on red butcher paper and put each child's name on a paw print.

Behavior Board: "Behavior To Bark About"
I traced and chalked a picture of Clifford barking
and each child had a dog bowl with 3 different color bones (like green, yellow, red card system). When they did not follow the rules, they had to "bury" a bone(move a card).

Decorations: Use Clifford stuffed animals available through Scholastic or retail stores. I found Clifford pillows at The Dollar General Store. I also have Clifford bookends that are adorable. You can purchase them through Avon. I have seen Clifford plastic furniture at Big Lots.
My school supply store carries note pads that look like Clifford, they are red dogs. You can use these to put on their folders and write their names on them or you could use them for cubbies.
Hope you can use some of these ideas!

Friday drawing
Posted by: Cathy

I have a bulletin board that says "Mrs. Smith's Big Dogs." Around the Big Dog picture I have pinned paper bones with the names of students in my homeroom. At the end of each day, any child who forgot homework, got in trouble, etc... has to turn the bone so that their name is no longer showing. At the end of the week, I collect all of the bones whose names are still facing front and put them in a bucket. I draw three bones and those students get to choose a prize from my prize basket. I keep the basket supplied with cheap things like markers, pens, note pads, candy, stickers, pencils, etc... They can't wait for the drawing each week and it doesn't cost me a lot. Sometimes kids bring things in to add to the prize basket!

dog theme
Posted by: jw

I'm dog crazy too, kathy.

"Dig up some great (spelling)grades!"
"Diggin up bones" ...then cut up paper bones and post good behaviors you've seen

"Sniffin out good books" and post a bloodhound and record read alouds that you share with the class as the year progresses.

"Top Dogs" List kids who have returned homework for the week, or who have perfect attendance for the week.

We're Barkin up the right tree in room 207

I must stop bow wow.

Posted by: DJ

Your idea reminded me of a couple of bb I have used in the past. A few years ago our 5th grade teacher had a bb with dalmations with the title
"Look Who's Been Spotted in 5th grade". My favorite is using scotty dogs and putting wiggle eyes with scotch plaid ribbon for the collar. How about the title "Great SCOT - Look who's in 4th Grade" I have had so much fun with both of these boards.

Dog Theme ideas
Posted by: Brenda

I have had adog theme for awhile. Here are some more ideas:

Dog Pound for time out: Dog House on board for missing work etc., Top Dog trophy award in January and June for 85% performance on attendance,behavior and work habits; colored dog bones, four for each student, in their pocket on a chart,entitled How is Your Day Going? They turn in "doggie bone" when a rule is broken. Tiny stamp at the end of the day if all bones were kept in their pocket. There is a small dog house on my desk to turn the bones in. Bulletin Board Titles include "Dog Gone Good!" "Hot Diggity Dog". I can add more if you need more.