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Theme - Bee Theme

Compiled By: luv2teach77

Bugs seem to be a popular classroom theme, especially bees! Here's a collection of ideas to use when creating a bee themed classroom.

Posted by: Krissy

I'm thinking of using a Bumblebee theme for my fourth graders. But, I came across this message and wanted to share my ideas with you. Here are the ideas that I have been brainstorming:

Information Board with the headline "What's Buzzing in ___ grade?"

A grapevine wreath with wooden bees glued on it and the message "Bee Your Best!"

A large attendance hive with a small velrco square for each student to attach their own bee to when they arrive in the morning.

A Jobs Bulletin Board: "Worker Bees" with individual beehives labelled with jobs and the students names on bees

A classroom newsletter "News from the Hive"

A sheet to record homework for absent students that says "While you've BEEn gone..." with clip-art bees

A puzzling morning question called the "Bee Stinger"

A showcase for students' best work "Bee-utiful Work!"

Display quotes around the room replacing the word "be" with "BEE" and adding some appropriate bee clip-art.

Reward coupons called "Bumblebee Bucks"

Student of the Week called "Queen Bee or King Bee"

Add a bumble photograph to your computer desktop.

Make bee or beehive nametags for student desks.

Make a large honeycomb area to set a class goal for books read. Gradually fill in honeycombs as students read books.

I also plan to hand-out bumblebee shaped cookies at open-house or on the first day with the message, "I'm so glad you are going to BEE in my class"

I'm also developing a bee-themed (large clip-art bee and questions in various sections )interest inventory for the first day. If you'd like a copy, I'd be happy to e-mail it to you.

Besides making bees my classroom theme, I'm also planning to develop a thematic unit. I'm hoping to study bees with my students and learn more about them. I'm going to try to get a bee-keeper to come and talk to the kids some time this year.

This is just a start, but I am still working on it.

Bee-havior Garden
Posted by: Kellie

I'm going to try this theme this year, and I thought I would put the students' names on bees. I will have three sections on my board, vertically, green, yellow, and red. On the green section there will be a big flower with all the bees. On the leaves it will say something like "Bee-ing Sweet". On the yellow section there will be a tree branch hanging over from the red section with space for bees who get a warning. It will say "Bee Careful". Then on the end of the branch in the red section a bee hive will hang down. The bees move there if they get a time out, it will say "Take 5 Hive" All my rules will be above this, like Bee Kind, Bee Quiet, Bee Respectful, Bee Neat and No Stingers Please! I hope it works!!

Bee theme
Posted by: Anna

Hi teach2,
I have a bee theme in my room (I'm Mrs. B ) and I bought a bee wreath (just circular with bees and greenery. 2-D) at my local teacher store and it says "Welcome" on a banner across the front. You can change the banner to say anything you want.
*On my job chart I have "Worker Bees".
*For the bb outside my door I put "Welcome to the Hive" and drew a large bee-hive on yellow posterboard and cut it out. I also put the student names on bees around the hive.
*I made bee curtains for my windows (plain white curtains with a bee stencil on the bottom).
*On the news bb I have "What's buzzing?".
*In my reading corner I have a sign that says "Buzz into a good book"
*By their mailboxes I put "Notes from the Queen Bee"
I guess I could go on and on. I got a little carried away. I bought yellow border and with a large black permanent marker I made it checked around the flat side. My teacher store has lots of cute bee things and I purchased many there.
Good luck- I love my bee theme.

Posted by: Ingrid

We have a bee theme this year. We have our class rules posted as "Be responsible, Be respectful, Be the best you can be!" We also made really cute bees and glued them to a quarter of a toilet roll tube (so they stick out) and have a hive on a bb so it looks like our bees are buzzing around the hive. You could take pictures of the kids and put their heads on the bees bodies.

Our local teacher store had bee cutouts that can be used for calendar for the date or for counting the days in school. (you could have a big chain of bees around the room or maybe use a bee for every five days and have dashes representing the days in between in order to use less space. For example - - - - bee - - - - bee (these would be numbered)

Bees are a good choice as there seems to be lots of available resources. Have fun with it!

Posted by: Karen

What's All The Buzz About? bb or newsletter title to post pictures, work, art, anything going on in the classroom. Discipline Plan- The children all have small bees with their names on them. The bee starts out on a large flower. As a rule is broken the bee is moved into a bee hive with the child's name written across the bottom. My hives are numbered 1-5 going down the hive. Each number is assigned a consequence. Bees are great because they are such hard workers!!

birthday board
Posted by: AngieB.

I cut out 12 yellow hexagon shapes that were about 6 inches across, put them on a wall, wrote the months of the year on each one, then listed the students' names accordingly. (It had the effect of a honeycomb.)

Also, I saw where someone made the outside of their door look like a giant beehive, and the door was the entrance. Above the door was "Welcome to Our Hive".

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bee hive snack
Posted by: tlc

This doesn't really help with your BB, but it is a cute snack that would go along with the theme. Line cardboard egg cartons with plastic wrap, make rice-krispy teats and mold them into the egg carton holes. After they cool and you invert them, use raisins as "bees" and attach with a dab of peanutbutter or honey. The kids think they are great.

Posted by: Jenny

This is what mine looks like.
I have a strip or border (goes around bulletin boards and things like that) that has bees on it. I took clothes pins and wrote everyones name on one and in number order put them on the strip. I have cut out bees that have the title of the job written on them. Each week you take the clothes pins and put them on the job and that person does that job. Once the week is up you put them at the back of the line in number order. Titles for this could be.
We are Busy Bees
Special Helpers
Bees on a mission
Buzz We have a job to do!
I hope this helps you out some!!

Bee Bulletin Board
Posted by: S. Windle

Make a bee hive out of a large stuffed paper bag.
Cut enough bees so that everyone in the class has a bee with his/her name on it. After spelling tests, those students who make 100 may move his/her bee to any location in the room. On Thursdays, all bees return to the hive.

Posted by: Kim H.

You could make a beehive out of posterboard and label it hot lunch, sack lunch, brought lunch, and absent. You could cut out some bees or use bee stickers and put them on clothespins that have each student's name on it. When the students arrive each morning, they move their clothespin from absent to the appropriate lunch space. The clothespins left on absent shows you who is out for that day. At the end of the day, the student of the day put everyone's clothespin back on absent for the next day.
As for homework, I printed out a grid with my class list on it. Each morning, the students put their homework in a basket on my desk. During my planning time, I would check the homework and return it. I would also check each child's name off my homework list.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Posted by: kali

I took a long poster and made five equal parts. The first box has a beehive in it. It also has round velcro stickers all around the hive that attach to a bee for each student. (their name is writen on their bee). I wrote "Stay together in the Hive." Each box has several velcro stickers in case the bees have to leave the hive for bad choices. The 2nd box is Warning. The third box is 5 min away from activity. The 4th box is a note home. The 5th box is principal's office. During the day the bee does move back towards the hive for improvement in behavior and choices. They always really want to get their bee back in the hive after a warning!

If you made a big lily pad and had little mini frogs with your students names you could do "Stay on the pad together!"

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