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Theme - Wizard of Oz Theme

Compiled By: luv2teach77

Follow the yellow brick road to a collection of Wizard of Oz themed ideas!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Posted by: appledust

You could put characters from the story on a bulletin board. The characters could be skipping on a yellow brick road.
The caption could be.....
Follow the Yellow Brick Road to __ Grade!
OR....We're Off to See __ Grade!
OR....a picture of Dorothy with caption....
There's No Place Like __ Grade!
You could decorate your classroom with hot air balloons, lollipops, a bicycle, and farm stuff.
Other Ideas:
Learning Center with Picture of Scarecrow --
Caption: If I only had a brain!
Classroom Helper Chart with Picture of Tin Man --
Caption: Heart-y Helpers
Classroom Rules with Picture of Lion --
Caption: Be courageous and follow the rules!
You could extend the yellow brick road all the way around your classroom.
Lunch Menu with Picture of Munchkins --
Caption: Munch on Lunch
Idea for Displaying Students' Work --
(Include a picture of Toto in a basket.)
Caption: Dog-gone Good Work!
Idea for Instruction --
Use a wand to gently tap students before calling on them for answers. (just like Glenda, the good witch)
Reading Area -- cardboard box decorated like a house / Place a tornado above it, or better yet, make a tornado in a bottle using a two-liter bottle and tornado tube (available at teacher supply stores).
I'm not sure what grade you teach.
I hope these ideas will be helpful to you.

Wizard of OZ theme
Posted by: Mary

I used this theme in my classroom last year. It worked just beautifully!
The first day of school I wore a blue checked pinafore similar to Dorothy's, red shoes and carried a basket with a stuffed Toto in it.
On my front door I had a gold checked yellow bricked road with the children's names all over it. the caption read"FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO SECOND GRADE!" On my other door I had a picture of a pr of ruby slippers and it said" THERE"S NO PLACE LIKE SECOND GRADE!"
On my Reading BB I drew a picture of the scarecrow pointing to his head saying, "READING...WHAT A BRAINY IDEA!"
As the children entered my room I had tohe W of Oz soundtrack playing. I hope this helps!

Are these too corny?
Posted by: mammaw4

Reading: "There's No Place Like In A Good Book" with red glittery slippers at the bottom and a light blue gingham background. You could put genres, author bios, etc. on the board.

What's happening BB: "Here's What's Popping Up" and put info in the center of paper poppies.

Standards: "Follow Our Yellow Brick Road" with yellow paper bricks listing the standards/anchors.

Make each board a character from the story:

Reading: "No 'Lion', Reading is Grrrrrrrrrreat!"
Standards: "If We Only Had a Brain"
What's Happening: "Hearty Happenings"

Don't forget to include the Wizard and Dorothy (not to mention Toto too!).

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oz room
Posted by: laurathy

I've done a Wizard of Oz theme in my room for the past two years. The kids love it! Many of my bulletin boards have very similar titles to the ones you posted (love those archives). I used fabric for each board that coordinates with the character (gingham for Dorothy, silver for tinman, etc.) I also love the idea of the horse of a different color that someone mentioned. I think I might have to use that.

I am not sure if this would work for your hallway BB, but I had "Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Room 5" on my door. I printed photos of each of the kids and had them walking down the road.

Some other ways I have incorporated Oz in my room (in case you are looking for more ideas):
-My schedule pocket chart has a heading of "That's how we'll spend our day today in the merry old land of Oz."
-I have a stuffed dog that looks like Toto for our class mascot. My class last year loved him! Indoor recess was regularly devoted to making construction paper clothes for him and playing with him.
-Next year I am going to finally do a Flat Stanley project (have been meaning to for awhile now). I'm planning on making a board with a map that says "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
-My behavior chart is a rainbow.

Good luck with your Oz room. Have fun!

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4th Grade Teacher
Posted by: CHW

Last year i did an OZ theme and it was awesome. I had bulletin boards that said "Toto, I don't think we're in 3rd grade anymore. (I taught 4th) Also a picture of the lion with, "Face each day with Courage." I had the scarecrow and tinman saying "Use your with all your heart. I also had Math is totolly ozsome. WIth a picture of toto and the wizard. it was FUN. the kids loved it. I also had a daily oz trivia question that made it fun too.
Let the kids name their groups based upon what they know of the movie.

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Wizard of Oz
Posted by: Chicago Teacher

I think you are the same teacher who just gave me some great cherry ideas, so here goes:

How about using some of the more popular quotes?

You could have "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto" near your library or reading area. You could have a beginning of the year board with student names (or information about themselves) with the quote [I don't remember exactly] from when she wakes up ("And you where there, and you were there...")

Depending on how many jobs you have, you could find or make little cutout characters
to represent each job, and then have the students names on little Toto-dog cutouts.

I like to post N-S-E-W directions in my room, so you could post the directions and then have a little house next to each one (the scary castle for the W.Witch of the West; one with legs sticking out for the W of the East; and some nice looking castles for the good witches on the N and S).

Hope these help!

wizard of oz
Posted by: Colleen

I am a collector and love this theme. I also teach fifth grade. I have found blue and white checked border to use. I also use a wizard coloring book to trace and make decorations. There are some color sheets available on the web. Check dollar stores too. I use the characters' wishes to help teach Character Counts in school. I also purchased some black and white striped socks. Got them with the Halloween costumes. spray painted and glittered a pair of old white tennis shoes. Stuffed the socks and put on shoes. They stick out under my file cabinet with a sign that says "student without homework". Fifth graders get a kick out of it. Theme bags: Chocolate heart, brain eraser, medal for courage to succeed in fifth grade, homework pass to show there's no place like home. Good luck!

Wizzard of Oz
Posted by: Sandy

This is my favorite movie!

For the Dramatic Play area, maybe you can make it into a salon. There is a part in the movie when they are all getting their hair done and nails done, that would be fun for the little ones.

For Science, I would link in a weather unit..possible learn about tornados. We just did this in my class last week, though we did not have a Wizard of Oz theme. Maybe learn about bubbles...since the good witch arrives in a bubble. Maybe the bubbles could go into your sensory table???

For Math...graphing favorite characters.

I hope you can use some of these, I've never done any before...but I started thinking when I saw your post. Good Luck!

Oz ideas
Posted by: Julie

Some bb thoughts -
"Have the courage to make good choices!" - with the lion

"Learning - Put your heart into it!" - tinman

Another idea, is to get some costumes (lion ears, scarecrow hat, a plastic axe, stuffed dog, magic wand, witch hat) and have the kids dress up as their favorite character and take their picture. I did a Hollywood theme last year and we dressed up like movie stars, took the pics with the digital camera, printed them on the printer in black and white (8x10), autographed them, laminated, and put them in the hallway with stars around them. Very fun! Everyone always stopped and gawked.

wizard of oz theme
Posted by: lynn

Start your year off with yellow bricks for each day of the year. ("FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD FOR A TERIFFIC YEAR in _____ GRADE) For each occasion write in the activity that took place. This will be a memorable calendar to keep track of importnt activities throughout the year. Take a before and after picture too and add it to your closing memory book.