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Teacher Shoes

Compiled By: NCPinkTchr

We all know that shoes are important. We are on our feet between 8 and 10 hours a day and we need shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Here are what other teachers are wearing.

Posted by: Carolyn

I guess that your dress should reflect your profession, but it should also be practical and reflect the climate where you live. I teach in South Carolina. I know that when I return to school in early August, it will definitely be way too hot for panty hose (not that I ever wear them!) The thought of stuffing my feet into heavy socks and shoes in the summertime and then standing around on a steamy playground is a definite turn-off for me. Sandals are much more comfortable. These are dressy, business-like sandals, though, not fli-flops or some other very casual sandals. Even districts in the South frown upon such items being worn by teachers. We are also permitted to wear shorts, as long as they are dressy ones--not cut-off, gym shorts, or ones like that.

New Dress Code
Posted by: yesteach

We have a new dress code for next year... my only complaint is that they are saying no Crocs. I know, people think they're casual.. however, they're also excellent orthopedic shoes (IF you have real Crocs, not the cheap imitations). I started wearing them two summers ago when my daughter was REQUIRED to wear them at her job (she was working in food service and they're anti-microbial). I tried them on and fell in love with them and wore them all summer. The biggest change for me was my foot. I have traumatic arthritis in my right foot, and have dealt with pain in the joint of my big toe since I was about 16 (I'm 47 now). For the first time in thirty years I had no pain in my foot in that joint (it even hurts if I go barefoot!). I started wearing nothing but Crocs (I have the beach ones, the professional - no holes - and flip flops)... my toe has not hurt in two years! It's amazing! I also have noticed that the knee I dislocated in an accident at school (a kid turned a chair as I was walking by and it caught my foot and tripped me), no longer aches... the doctor told me to expect to have trouble with it for the rest of my life, and just be thankful nothing tore and I didn't have to have surgery.. with Crocs, I have no pain in my knee. I'm going to my doctor and have him write a prescription (and yes, there are prescription Crocs) for me so that I can still wear them.

On a more interesting note... the one I couldn't believe in ours "No visble underwear"... :-(

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My two cents worth...
Posted by: kreeves

So I haven't finished reading this whole page yet, but I couldn't help but think of this comparison when everyone keeps talking about how we ARE professionals and, therefore, should dress as such.

Doctors and nurses are professionals, too, but would you expect to see your surgeon wearing a suit and tie or three piece business suit for women when taking you into surgery? In fact, I don't even see many doctors dress this way anymore. Why? Because they are in and out of patient rooms all day long trying to perform their job. Are they still professional? Absolutely.

So many people in response to this post have noted that our job must be taken into consideration and that is the essential point in this matter. Yes, we are professionals. No, it does not make sense to have to dress up everyday the way a lawyer or accountant (or any other professional) might. The job is just not the same.

Somehow, people seem to have convinced themselves that "if we only dressed more professionally, people would take our profession more seriously." Honestly? I don't think so. It is what it is, and if we wore three piece suits to work everyday, I honestly don't think it would make a difference in the perception of teachers and education (except that people might note that teachers had gotten crabbier! :))

With the shift that society has taken today and the issues that schools have relating to parents and families, I think it is important to make sure that teachers are people that parents can relate to. If a high level of professional dress would serve that purpose, then so be it, but it seems as though it would only widen the divide.

I believe that teachers should respect themselves by wearing outfits that are neat and well put together. I see nothing wrong with khakis, capris, sandals, and other such business casual attire. Honestly, I don't see the problem with crocs. Teachers are on their feet all day the way nurses are and I see loads of nurses wearing these comfy shoes to work each day. Why shouldn't we be taking care of our feet?

I just think that the whole issue of professional dress is somewhat of a grasp at taking life back to the "way things used to be"...but, unfortunately, I think that it is what it is and we have to evolve and adapt as such. The profession is far different these days than it was back when, as well.

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post, thanks for reading!! :)

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Comfortable shoes
Posted by: ubs

I also kick off my shoes whenever i can, myoung. Guess it comes from growing up in the south. I love Borns and Crocs. My principal has not actually come out and said to not wear the Crocs-so until she does I wear them. We cannot wear flip-flops-even cute ones which kills me. I really fight against the "teacher shoe" thing even though I am old enough to give in. Some of the teachers in my school run around in heels, and I think they are nuts. Why would a kinder teacher wear 3 inch heels? I go as casual as I can.

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Posted by: Susie

I sold shoes in college and I have a few of suggestions.

1. Ecco, they are AWESOME, I wear one of my 3 pairs almost everyday. They are a German designed shoe. There is a "cup" under the heel for shock. And a wide "toe box" (the toe area is very wide) which means your feet will be able to relax, and you won't feel crammed in there. They are a bit pricey ranging from $100 to $200 depending on what style you choose, but they are worth every penny!

2. Joseph Sibel, not as wonderful as Ecco, but hey, they are a bit less expensive, and offer many of same wonderful things Ecco does.

3. Born or Clark, they are great shoes with a reasonable price, not too hard on wallet. These shoes have a great arch support for the most part but sometimes lack comfort for the heel and toe areas.

If you want to find something "cute" with a bit of comfort built in, you might try to find a pair of Cole Hahn shoes with the "Nike Air" system. They are cute leather shoes with the
comfort of a tennis shoe for the most part.

I hope I helped, good luck, and happy shopping!!! I wish I could hit the shoe stores with you. Heck just thinking about shopping makes me want to run out and buy some new shoes for myself.

Posted by: happy feet

I go for expensive shoes because they last for several years and feel great. Ecco makes stylish shoes, about $100/pair but I have 2 pairs that I have had for 2 & 3 years and they still look new and I wear them at least once a week. I also wear Doc Martens, very comfy, Birkenstocks, and some other imported shoe from Naturalizer that was pricey but at 4 years old still looks great. My legs NEVER ache, I'm middle age and hardle ever sit down...The money is worth it, even if you just buy one pair a year (ask family members to chip in for a birthday gift!!)

Feet in heaven
Posted by: Bee

with Ecco shoes. I convinced my husband to try them and he loves them. I also convinced, actually pressured, our 20 year old, fashion deva, to try them for a Europe tour. She thinks they are rather ugly, but she was able to walk all over and her feet never got tired compared to other women on the tour who had foot trouble. I still want to try the Dansko because I have heard many positive comments about them. Good luck finding your perfect pair of shoes!

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Posted by: Jjk

Lisa -
Have you ever tried Clark shoes? I am a trendy person, as far as fashion, but bought a pair of Clarks shoes last summer. I love them! They are comfy and have lasted the entire year! I love wearing chunk heels and boots, but after teaching and then being a dance instructor in the evenings, my feet need a break. So the next day - they're in the Clarks.

Posted by: Judy

I had a friend who swore by Clark shoes. I bought a pair two years ago because they were on clearance. I have 6 pair now. They are mostly clogs but have sandals also. They run about $50 a pair but I have never ended the day with sore feet. Good luck

Posted by: Chantal

I spend close to $100 on a pair of clogs by Dansko and hey last for several years, go with everything, alll seasons, and are the most comfortable shoes I own. It is so worth the money. Lets remember we all have different styles. SOme people will say, "clogs, yuck!" and thats fine. I am happy in them; to each his (or her)own!

Posted by: dee

I developed plantar fascitis (sp) last year. It was so bad I could not walk in the mornings. Finally went to the foot doc and got cortisone shots (worth it for me), BUT he said that Dansk shoe brand is recommended from the Academy of Podiatrists. I bout a pair of open back clogs since it hurts to have anything on the back of my heel. They are wonderful! And there are a ton of styles, I just can't wear most of them ;(

I'll be looking into merrell shoes for a more springy-type shoe since I can only wear the clogs from Dansk. If your feet hurt, get them checked out. Cortisone shots are a last resort, but the longer you wait, the worse it gets. He gave me a bunch of exercises that I do faithfully because they really help my feet. Now if I can be as diligent about exercising the rest of me!

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Professional Dress
Posted by: CageyBee

To me, professional dressing means you need to dress for the part of your profession. So...if you are on your feet all day shoes of comfort/safety would be a MY feet's definition of comfort. Heels have never fallen into that category while I am teaching. If I am running to the copy machine or to pick up kids from all over the building or setting up paint, clay, glue, or cleaning up those items, then I need to wear comfortable, washable fabrics...unless I am being given an assistant! Plus, air conditioning is not a part of our classrooms...I should wear a suit in the heat of the day...NO WAY!

Society's outlook about dressing has become more about comfort and being casual on all levels. Has anyone seen a bustle or powered wig lately? LOL Khaki pants, gauchos, slacks of any fabric, blouses, tops, sweaters, whatever, should be the choice of the professional dictated by personal budgets. Unless of course, the school board has decided to allocate funds to offset such a request. I wouldn't mind money for a new wardrobe or dry cleaning bills!

Now, truth be told, we all know some colleague who has pushed the envelope on good taste. Very revealing clothing...LOW necklines; short, short, skirts; skin-tight pants; dirty, crumpled jeans...does seem to cross the line of what most people feel is acceptable. BUT, that colleague needs to be addressed privately with the administration. We all shouldn't have redo our wardrobes because someone has decided we dress unprofessionally by some long-gone standard. That problem falls under the category of modesty. If you are clean and show some pride in yourself then you are professionally dressed for being a hard-working professional educator! By the way, will all school board members dress accordingly for their meetings each week?

Geez, next thing I 'll be hearing is how teachers need to stay unmarried so they can ALWAYS put the needs of their classes first! LOL:p

PS: My dentist wore khakis and a golf shirt and he's considered a professional! My doctor had on a pair of COTTON capris, a tee-shirt and vest with clogs and she's considered a professional! And they both do a fantastic job!

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Dansko Clogs
Posted by: SJS

I swear by these shoes; I wear them just about every day and the look is contagious in my school. They were originally developed for medical professionals (nurses) but now come in a fabulous array of colors: I have black and brown, and am thinking of getting red or pink this year! They're expensive (around $100/pair) but well worth it. You'll have them forever and wear them every day!!

Posted by: Tounces

I wear Easy Spirit shoes mostly. I too like Clarks. The other brand I wear is Aerosoles. I always wear flat or very low healed shoes because they are easier on the back. Plus I don't care for the look of heals.
I used to buy cheaper shoes to have enough to match outfits. They would fall apart one way or another. Now that I buy only quality name brand shoes, they last a lot longer and they are by far more comfortable. A good place to buy these is in an outlet mall. They have whole stores for just Clarks, or Easy Spirits. There you'll find more of a selection and less expensive prices.
Easy Spirit is my favorite brand.

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Posted by: ogteacher

Feet, hips, and back. Here's what has helped the most - I have custom made orthotics that I got through my chiropractor. You can also get them from a podiatrist. These not only cushion and support your feet and arches, they keep your feet and legs aligned so you don't get so much hip and back pain as well. These are very different from the Dr. Scholls that you can buy off the shelves, they are made specifically for your feet. I usually wear Easy Spirit. I take out the original foot liners and put in my orthotics.

Okay, out on a limb here - for the Plantar Fasciitis and varicose veins, yoga! Many of the leg and foot stretches help keep your heels stretched so you don't get the fasciitis. There is a very simple exercise for varicose veins: Lie on your back with your... well... tush, up against the wall. Rest your legs straight up against the wall. It is very relaxing, and helps your leg veins, especially after being on your feet all day.

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comfy shoes
Posted by: Tchrsbell

I just bought some Easy Spirit tennies that do not look like tennies. They are a olive-type green color with an open back and are very comfortable. I also got a pair of tan ones that do not have the open back, but also slip on. They look good with tan Docker-type pants and do wonders for the feet!

I also LOVE Clarks and Naturalizer shoes.

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