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Behavior Bingo

Compiled By: luv2teach77

Behavior bingo is a great whole class behavior reward system. In this collection, teachers share how they've used this incentive system to encourage great behavior.

Behavior Bingo
Posted by: Zee

I use Behavior Bingo as a whole class management tool. Basically it's a hundreds board and when the whole class has all done something well in the classroom or received a compliment from someone they would get numbers drawn and we'd fill them in on the chart. It always varied as to how many numbers I would draw. They also knew that if they asked for bingo numbers, they would not get them. When they got 10 in a row, we would celebrate in some way as a class. When a "wild" was drawn I would select a student (randomly with sticks) to tell me which number they wanted filled in. Then if we later drew that number, we'd treat it as a "wild" again.

There may be other ways to use it, but that's how I use it in my classroom. I've attached my copy of the board.

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picture 3
Posted by: Karyn3rd

Behavior Bingo board.

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Behavior Bingo
Posted by: NIUTeach

I used it last year and it was awesome...the kids loved it.

I made a 100s chart on the computer and laminated it... The kids could get numbers for various things. I had a cup for old numbers and new numbers. When they got a number, I picked the number from the cup and colored the corresponding number on the paper with a vis-a-vis.

My number system was:

1 number for:
none of the kids changed their cards today
everyone turned their homework in today

2 numbers for:
Getting a compliment from a teacher, principal, or another staff member (like "Wow, your class is being very quiet in the hallway).

3 numbers for:
Good behavior at an assembly
Good behavior at a field trip

4 numbers for:
A good note from a substitute teacher (I used to sub, so this is a big deal to me)

We voted on a prize for each time (no homework day, pajamas day, popcorn and a movie) and when we got 10 in a row, they got the prize.

They love it and I only had to give out 3 prizes throughout the year because it really takes a long time to get 10 in a row.


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Shining Star Bingo
Posted by: luv2teach77

I'm calling my behavior bingo board "Shining Star Bingo" this year. I bought a hundred chart at my local teacher store that has stars around it. Then I made the attached chart explaining how the students can earn numbers.

I played this game last year with my class for the first time, and they really loved it! They always reminded me at the end of the day too when they'd earned numbers throughout the day. During the school year they earned 4 class rewards. I always give them choices and let them vote on what their reward will be. We had donuts and milk, a popcorn party, extra recess, and a movie with a variety of chips for rewards.

It's definitely an incentive worth trying!

Behavior BINGO
Posted by: tbsrwilson

Here is my take on the Taod-ally Awesome Behavior BINGO using my frog theme. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!!!:D

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Posted by: TeacherKel

Thanks so much for this idea! I love it and am going to try it out next year! I adapted it to my theme as well.

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Here's One I Made Last Year....
Posted by: Windalynn

Our Theme is All-Stars, so I made one with stars on it :)

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Behavior Bingo
Posted by: REB

I learned about using Behavior Bingo, and some other systems earlier this summer in CHAMPS professional development training on classroom management. I learned to do it three ways: either you can look for something that someone in the class is doing that is a desirable behavior (like highlighting, taking notes, being a good listener, helping someone else), and then call a "Bravo" moment (or whatever bingo term you wish to use), and have that student come up to the board, and mark with a dry erase marker over a number (they have to pull a number out of a can/jar that matches those on the board)

The other way I have seen it done is by groups, if a group is on task, call a Bingo moment, at random, so the students never know which group will get picked....(same process as above)...

And, the last way I have seen it done is as a review of facts of some kind, math, english, spelling, etc....

The rewards could be simple, or more detailed depending on what you have time in your teaching day for. Some could be five minutes of chat time with your neighbor, or a big reward like popcorn and a movie, popsicles, etc.

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Posted by: Nikki

I like how you used the lid screwing on as the point where the jar is full. Good idea!

This year I am doing "Behavior Bingo" instead of marbles to try something new. If you search the archives, you can find info about it. Attached is the board I made on my own.

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Hollywood Themed Behavior Bingo
Posted by: buster

I attached my example designed for a "movie/Hollywood" room. I cut up different representations of numbers using base ten blocks. One of the first math concepts I introduce is place value so I am going to reinforce that by using these cards. I think I will have students draw a a number out and let the student tell everyone what the number is. I am also going to alternate a prize everytime we play. I will probably post what the prize is on a sentence strip above the bingo poster.

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behavior Bingo
Posted by: firstgraderox

I saw the post last year for Behavior bingo - I copied 2 100 charts and laminated them. One I attached with magnets to the blackboard and the other I cut up and put in a container (also attached to the blackboard). I included a few blanks along with the individually cut numbers. The students chose their reward (extra recess always seems to be the first one in 1st grade, as it is their first year on the "big" playground). When the whole class' behavior warrants, I draw a number for a child to read. Then, I color in that corresponding number with crayon or dry erase marker. I stuck up a small cup for the used numbers. If a child draws a blank it is their choice of which # I color in. Bingo worthy behavior could include quiet walking in hallway, good behavior at specialist time, cafeteria time, etc. Once a bingo is made, the reward is given, numbers erased and a new reward is voted on. It really worked out great last year! Plus my first graders got some practice in identifiying numbers! Good luck! Check the archives for more info!:)

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