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100th Day of School


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Any ideas on activities for the 100th day of school. I didn't realize that it was next Tuesday for us so I hadn't prepared yet. I'm looking for activities that don't take a lot of prep time since I only have the weekend.


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Here's a few.
-Coin stamps- Show different ways to make 1.00
-Fruit loops- Generic brand tends to have bigger holes. Make a necklace showing groups of 10.
-Race to 100. Give out a hundred chart and dice. Take turns rolling dice and coloring in that many spaces. First one to 100 wins.
-Race to Zero- Start at 100 and subtract when rolling dice.
-Read the Wolf's Chicken Stew. Then draw and write what else the wolf can bring. (In the story he brings 100 of things!)
-Draw what you think you will look like when you are 100.
Read If You Lived 100 Years Ago. Talk about past and how far things have come. Then they write and draw what they think world will be like in 100 years.
-How would you spend 100 dollars?
-If you have 100 piece puzzles, group them and see how long it takes to complete puzzle.
-Take 100 steps, how far can you get?
-Estimation. Take 3 different size jars and fill one w/ more than 100, one with less than 100 and one exactly 100. Kids have to estimate which is which. ( I usually use candies that are diff. sizes - MIke & Ike's, jellybeans, M&M's, etc.)
-100 of some kind of snack. Discuss how to divide equally with class.
I am jelous that you are at the 100th day.
We are at 78. I have some more literacy ideas but my file is at school.
Hope this helps! I love the 100th day. :)


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I am going to have the children draw a picture of what they will look like100 years from now. Another idea is to make Booberry Jello (blue colored) in a large pyrex dish. Get 100 swedish fish and before the jello is set put the fish in. Then involve the children in making an ocean mural. You can find a clip art pattern of a fish or just draw a simple pattern kids can decorate. Then working in small cooperative groups give each group a piece of mural paper and they can draw an ocean scene and put their fish on it. Here are a few more:

100 Number charts - you say all the multiples of 2 (for example) and they color the multiples of 2 a certain color. Do the same for multiples of 5, 10, or even 3, 4 ect..

Children bring in collections of 100 things. Instruct them to put the items in a brown bag. On the 100th day they can give 3 clues as to what they have in the bag. Others will guess - invite other classes to see the collections.

Keep a balloon in the air for 100 seconds or bounce a ball 100 times. Do 100 jumping jacks ect..

Clip 100 paper clips together and measure things that are the same size, longer, shorter - children must write the items down.

Read I'll Teach My Dog 100 New Words by Michael Frith - Then have children work in cooperative groups to write 100 words having to do with a particular topic. Or you can see which group can write the first 100 words in 4 minutes (or whatever time you feel). Award the group a small prize like a 100 Grand bar.

Administer tickets or numbers in the morning as children arive. Every 10 minutes for an hour call a number. That child wins a small prize. You can have everyone count up to 100 by 2, 5, 10, or whatever you choose.

Do puzzles that have 100 pieces.

Hope it helps


100th Day Ideas

I use a lot of the ideas already mentioned during my 100th day festivities. Here are just a few others:

1. Keep a sticker chart for the year, month, week ... of all of the 100% from each student. Whomever has the most 100% wins a prize!

2. If you had extra time, last year my class donated 100 pounds of pet food to our local animal shelter!

3. I found on-line a "fake" 100 dollar bill front. I have the students color it in the morning, then I have already cut their headshot to place within the place of the president's head, then laminate & cut out for them to take home. Parents love it to keep!

Hope these help!