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100th day ?


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We are coming up to our 100th day of school and I'd like to do something to celebrate it. I feel that writing 100 spelling words, doing 100th math problems isn't productive. Any thoughts ??


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100s Day Museum

My students have made a 100's Day Museum. Each child is asked to make a collection of 100 of the same kind of item for a display. Then we put all the collections on display for other classes to look at. Some students really make unique collections. We have had displays of everything from 100 keys, 100 dimes, 100 post cards, 100 baseball cards, to 100 stamps, 100 balloons and more. I always bring 100 spoons out of my spoon collection. The kids love this and it gives them a chance to "show off" their special things.
100's day

We had the kids dress like they thought they would when they are 100. We had them collect 100 cans of food for the local food pantry.


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100th day

We spend the entire day doing activites related to 100th day. Here's some:
- Piece together 100 piece puzzles by teams
- put together puzzles of the USA in 100 seconds
-skip count to 100 by 2s, 5s, 10s
-Create individual 100 day books , each page has a sentence starter:
I wish I had 100________________.
I wouldn't want 100______________.
I can eat 100 __________________.
I would never eat 100 ________________.
Having 100 ________________ could really be a problem.
- Read the poem 100 Is A Lot! by Meish Goldish. (I found it in the archive, search for #89201)
- keep silent for 100 seconds
- sing the song
100 Days of School
(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Ready to celebrate?
It’s the 100th day of school.
We’ve studied hard each day.
Learning is so cool!
We’ve made so many friends.
Here at "_____________ school "
What fun it is to say we’ve been at school 100 days!!

100 days, 100 days,
100 days of school.
We’ve been in school 100 days.
We think that’s really cool!

100 days, 100 days,
100 days of school.
We work and play every day.
We love to be in school!

There are many ideas in the archive. Good luck and Have fun!


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What great ideas!
I have the children write their names as many times as they can (in cursive) in 100 seconds and find the names of 100 animals (they like doing this - I always have books on animals around the classroom).