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1st long term!!!!



Hi Everyone!! I just found out friday that I will be doing a 4th grade long term from about the beginning of may until the end of the year. It's my first long term and I am very excited and feel ready to take this step toward finding a permenant position. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions to help my long term go really well. Thanks in advance!


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I hope you have a wonderful experience, 4th graders are great. Is there any way you can go in for a week or so before the other teacher leaves? It would be very helpful for you to see how she runs her classroom. I would caution you to go slowly. I am sure you have many great ideas and of course you are anxious to try different things, but you will have a much better experience if you try to do things the same way the previous teacher did, at least for the first couple of weeks. Then slowly, you can start trying different things, I might even involve the kids in making changes, talk to them about things you want to try, get their input. Having them on board will really help. Above all don't talk to other staff members about the previous teacher or how the previous teacher ran the classroom. Good luck, it was a long term position that led me to getting my first permanent position.


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Make it your own classroom. Treat your first day just as if it was the very beginning of the school year for both you and your students. Decide what your classroom management policies and expectations will be and spend however much time it takes to make sure the students understand and follow.


4th graders are great

Last year was my first year of subbing, and my very first assignment was a long term fourth grade classroom. I was so very nervous and anxious and did all I could to prepare. I visited with the classroom teacher prior to the assignment and got a good feel for the schedule and classes. Now here is the important news. . .I loved it! The time flew by and I fell in love with 4th graders. This year when I sub some of the 5th grade classrooms, I see those old familiar faces and feel right at home! You will love it too. . .you can't do a lot to ease the butterflies beforehand, but keep in mind that things will work out great!