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2006 National Race for the Cure


New Member
Hey everyone! I'm running in the National Race for the Cure on June 3rd in DC. I'm trying to raise at least $500 but I would really love to raise $1000, we'll see how it goes though. My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months ago, so this really hits home for me. This may sound a bit cheesy and a little bit like a traveling salesman type of message, and might be the completely wrong place to post this, but I really am doing this for a good cause! So, if you would like to donate, please send me a private message letting me know and I will send you the link to my donation page. Thanks so much!

P.S. Anyone else running in the race? :)


Senior Member
Good for you

I think what you are doing is awesome.
I already donated to our school group doing the Race for the cure on Friday night. We have K-Kids (through the Kiwanias) and they collected $1700 !!