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2nd grade kids


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I have been complaining to everyone I talk to, that this year's 2nd graders seem to be unusually chatty, disruptive, etc. My observation from this chat board comfirms this. What is going on? My kiddos cannot turn a page without talking! I am so frustrated, and, so far, having a hard time "making a connection" to my class this year. Suggestions?


Need Help Too!

It's so amazing becaue you've just described my class to the tee. I fuss all day long and now that I'm pregnant this haven't gotten any better in fact I would say a lot worse. I will gladly accept any advice as well on this matter.


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second graders!

I have been teaching second grade for a lot of years, and it's been awhile since I've had a group quite like the ones you've described! This year all 5 sections of our second grade have the same problem, very unsettled, not quite ready to get with the program, think they can do pretty much what they want, when they want, etc. As a group they are very immature. But we watched them in first grade and knew we were getting a handful. Every day seems like the first day of school! They just don't seem to "get it!"

As for advice.... Well, what we all do is clamp down on them. By that I mean, you stick to a routine as much as possible, you keep reinforcing the rules, reteaching them if necessary, and don't put up with their nonsense. If they go down the hall noisily, we go back and try it again, if it's one or two, then they have to go back to the room and give me some of their time from PE, recess, whatever... Usually by now I can ease up on them a little, but with this group they're still learning the hard way. Hopefully, they'll figure it out before the end of the year!!

Good luck! I don't know if I helped any, but you're not alone! Just be firm!!! :rolleyes:


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hard group

We sent our "challenging" group of second graders onto 3rd grade this year - Thank Goodness! They just about made me think it was time to leave the classroom. Luckily, I decided to give it another year. There is hope at the end of May. They will leave and a new crew will arrive. Hopefully your crew will be as wonderful as mine! They are so good and smart. Last year I felt like I was teaching the wall All year. They were rude, disrespectful, couldn't get along, and not that bright. This year the 3rd grade teachers are ready to pull their hair out. We keep telling them next year will be better. That was a group of almost 300 students. Something was in the water that year!????

Lisa E

Don't give up!

I know exactly what you are going through. Just like "barnateach" I sent my tough group from last year to third grade. So there is life after a nightmare class! I had to be really, really strict with my class last year. At times, they had to sit with their desks all apart in rows! It was completely not my style but the only thing that worked to get some kind of order. So just have a lot of structure in your room and know that there is a good group coming down the line.