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2nd grade teacher



I absolutely hated Saxon Phonics the first year I taught it. Using a scripted lesson was very hard for me and I found it very boring and monotonous. HOWEVER, the joke was on me, because I used it anyway and found a big difference in my students' reading spellling and writing. I agree with many who say to highlight the most important parts, to use phonics in content teaching and to write and write and write so that you are using the rules you are teaching.
You can make this program more fun with a reward system and by changing up your daily assessment from the worksheet to much more fun activities. Some examples are these: 1) Which group can come up with the most words with digraph ai? 2) With a partner, cut out words from a magazine that have combination er. 3) Look around the room for a word with suffix ing. etc.....
If my kids ask me to read a word to them, I ask them to code it first and see if they can read it. Usually they can.
I have not found a more thorough program and will continue using it in combination with other reading, writing and spelling strategies.