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3 things you love about PT (now that we’re back)


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I love PT posters for:
*providing an easy-to-manage social connection
*sharing info about products and services
*making me laugh every day

I know we could all list way more, but what are 3 things you love about PT?


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Great question

1. Book, website, recipes, TV etc. show recommendations
2. The chats we have
3. Hearing what others think about issues


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1. Even though we are all teachers we have very diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and opinions.

2. I like how PT is organized.

3. Sharing of ideas, thoughts, opinions.


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* As wildflowerz said, sharing of thoughts, opinions and ideas. As I always say there is more than one
way to skin a cat. Your experience and advice is appreciated.

* comraderie, the kindness, laughs, encouragement

* respect We've all been in the trenches, some of you have battle scars, real and emotional and
it amazes me


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*Being able to have access to all the varied knowledge PT members possess and that everyone is so willing to share.

*Feeling a part of a diverse community (I really missed this connection when I thought you all were 'gone'!

*Getting info and seeing products/services/places that I might not have heard of or will never be able to visit.


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I love all you PT members for many things but right now for:
1. support
2. no judgment
3. respect

among a million other things!!!<!--valentine-->


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1. Friendship/Community- I love how friendships can form outside of PT because of PT. Even if it is only texting because of geographical distance.

2. People genuinely caring and looking out for other members. PT is a very supportive community.

3. I love the threads and reading people’s responses.
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1. I love the support and relationships. I don't know anyone here in real life, but it's almost like an escape that way.

2. I love that I can ask questions about anything and get a variety of perspectives and opinions.

3. I feel like I learn a lot here about life and random things. <!--giggle-->


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1. Friendships: I don't know anyone personally but I appreciate each and every one. Last week I was so stressed out about getting a biopsy and you all were the best for easing my jitters ( I'm going in tomorrow for the biopsy and keep reading all your special messages). I feel like everyone is my best friend down the street!

2. Education tips. I used PT a lot during my career for great ideas and problems. You all were so great to share everything before Teachers Pay Teachers arrived. Still I can look back at some of the older posts and get ideas for today. Great advice about teaching strategies as well as classroom management.

3. News: I keep up with what is happening across the country. During covid everyone was great to share facts and strategies. Today we are looking at gas prices and supply chain shortages.

PT is awesome and i am so glad it is back!


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3 things about PT

Great question!
1. Place to read and share ideas on wide variety of things
2. Recommendations for books, tv, movies
3. Learning about/comparing different areas of the US and some other places too (weather, education, politics. etc.)


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The members- so caring and supportive.

The laughs- so many good stories are shared!

The shopping tips- you always know the latest and greatest “have tos”!

I need to add a 4th- all of your expertise has kept me on top of the latest trends in education. Your willingness to share has made me a better teacher.

Thank you all!!!


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I love PT for...

-a safe place to ask questions, vent, and share my joys
-great advice from people I really do trust
-the diversity of this group and the knowledge that teaching is pretty much the same no matter where you live.


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A place to talk about our jobs in relative anonymity with people who "get it."

A generally peaceful place with lots of caring people.

The eclectic nature of posts.


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1. I can be "social" while relaxing in my bed in my underwearLOL
2. Variety of topics
3. People on PT feel more caring and more genuine than many people I see face to face every day

Ima Spedtcher

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So many more than three things! I have been on proteacher since the turn of the century when I was a student teacher.

I lived all over the world growing up (and I’m an extreme introvert) so I never had a moai. You guys are my moai! You have been there through almost all the stages of my adult life and have definitely been here for me for all of my career as a teacher!


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I really enjoy hearing perspectives and opinions from a variety of people in different stages of life and different areas of the country.

Ruby tunes

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PT positives

I like reading everyone’s different experiences and opinions.

I learn about many things from PT members. Recipes, books, movies, games, home decorating, etiquette, fashion, hobbies, education issues, etc., etc., etc.!!

I feel that PT is a caring community. It makes me proud to be a teacher, albeit a retired one.

I need to add that I really like the PT format which is easy to navigate, unlike FB which always frustrates me.


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I love the recommendations for books, TV, movies and shopping.

I appreciate that this is a place to ask for help, advice, vent, or just say what you can't say anywhere else and get support and loving advice.

Most of all I appreciate the collective heart and knowledge of this community of people.


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PT Positives

1. Learning and sharing with colleagues who know what teaching is really like.

2. Fun and interesting threads

3. Getting to know others (through their posts about family, hobbies, recipes, book/movie recommendations, places to visit, etc.) even though we’ve never met - feels like an extended circle of friends. It’s especially nice during our time off to sit down with a cool drink or cup of coffee and just check in.