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3 things you love about PT (now that we’re back)


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PT Posters

I joined PT six years ago shortly after announcing my midyear retirement at school. Coworkers made some tactless, rude comments, and I got almost no kind words or congratulations. My principal was her usual mean self my last week.

The whole experience brought me down at a time when I should have been celebrating. People here were supportive and understanding. They gave me good advice, and I felt a lot better.

So here are the reasons I love PT.

non judgmental support
TV and book recommendations
Friday photos
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Only three?

1. I learn something new all the time- meal ideas, word games, gotten advice, ordering free Covid tests, etc. just to name a few

2. I’ve gotten so many teaching ideas here in the past to use in my classroom.

3. I feel like I know so many of you over the years. Since about 2008 or so


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Like. . .

1) Denny's . . .always open anytime, anywhere, and with any anybody.
2) a Smorgasbord. . . a buffet offering a variety of topics, opinions, expertise, support and wisdom.
3) a family home cooked meal. . .where I can share my life and listen to others share theirs. pt is a a real treasure.


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1. Creativity - so many cards, photos, paintings, knitting, sewing, crochet, etc. PTers are very talented!

2. Care - anyone can post a problem/concern and right away many responses are posted offering encouragement, empathy, and a variety of possible solutions if that is appropriate.

3. Book recommendations and the format that makes it easy to find them and other posts.


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I love PT posters

and this message board for many reasons. My three are:

*reading about the lives of other people and the different parts of the country or countries where they live
*advice given by others for teaching(before and after retirement) life issues,etc.
*books, movies, television shows,etc. that other people recommend
I am so THANKFUL this board is back on so many levels!