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3D snowman with sunglasses



I am having a block on what to put on our hallway bb. I have white paper with blue and white snowflake border. My words are white on blue sentence strips. The theme is It's SNOW Secret Our Class Is COOL. The SNOW and COOL are 3D and look like they are covered in snow. I want to use snowmen with sunglasses but I am not sure how to make them stand out on the white paper. I would also like to be 3D and use real sunglasses on our snowmen. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.


Senior Member
How about using styrofoam balls cut in half? You can find all kinds of different sizes at craft stores.


Senior Member
How about making the snowmen out of craft foam and/or covering them with cotton. Sunglasses could also be made from craft foam and decorated with sequins or other shiny materials.


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I make a 3d snowman for my bulletin board with my toddlers. We use white garbage bags and stuff them with newspaper. We make one big snowman and staple it to the bulletin board, then we paint snowballs and snowflakes around it and say The Toddlers are Snow-wonderful!