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3rd grade literature units


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I am trying to find 4 books to start literature circles with in my classroom. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am open to anything, but prefer books that have a variety of activities for all learning styles. Help!!!:confused:


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literature books

I'm not sure of the name exactly but my kids loved Max and the Great Cereal Box Caper, Junie B. Jones Books, Amber Brown Books and Little House the beginning series.


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The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne is perfect for third graders. Boys love them, too. There are a lot of online resources and a book made by Scholastic to help with units.

I also think Junie B. Jones would be good as well as the Ralph S. Mouse series by Beverly Cleary. I also use Freckle Juice (it's really short and great for the 1st time).


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I am planning to do Mouse on a Motorcycle when we finish Charlotte's Web. I haven't found any resources on that. Can anyone help?



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Lit circles.

I got very frustrated with my first attempt at LC. I tried having them read at school, and fill out papers at home, then I tried the reverse, still wasn't happy with that. Then I thought maybe I'd do away with all the papers and have ONE paper that they all fill out. Does anyone have a tried and true method, because I felt like I was not successful.

Kim in La

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?? about lit circles, time??

My question is this: When do you have time to do Lit. Circles? Or even read and study (do a unit) on another book, such as the Magic Tree House books, etc. We are required to teach the basal, and I don't know when I would fit studying in another story during the day. I do read to the class at the end of the day, usually 3-4 times a week. They really enjoy that, but I don't see me squeezing in an actual unit of study on the books. Any help is welcomed!!!!!!


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I agree with you about time. It is very difficult. When I do lit circles I don't use the basal. The literature takes the place of that. I teach in Louisiana and we have to use a state mandated curriculum that is very difficult to teach using the basal. I believe that the literature circles will make it a little easier for me.

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We have....

Each child has a variey of jobs in our literacy circles. I love the idea but I feel that it is not possible with my class to do the circles unless I am supervising (even though I only have 9 students for reading)...maybe that is because we only started them two weeks ago. I am struggling to fit in my guided reading group and do literacy centers. I love the idea but in practice the worksheets are not being completed correctly and I feel that I need to be present to ensure adequate effort goes into the sheets.
We do a Direction Director (ensures all of circle are partipating and all on task) re directs if going off task or not contributing; Scene Setter; Wild Word Finder; Art Director(draws what he sees going on in Literacy circle...I feel this one is pointless after the first circle get together.) Connection Director.. (finds connections to other stories or withint the story or in real life). I know there are a few more if i remember them I will get back to you :)
The first day they read the book, the second day they get together to discuss the first few chapters. More Chapters the third day and fourth.
On Friday they fill in a self evaluation check sheet.

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Lit. Circles

My lit. circles have a weekly assignment. The kids help set the number of chapters based upon the abilities of the group. During the week, they are responsible for reading the material in class and coming to the group with at least one question that they feel they can use in discussion about the section we are reading. They must write and answer that question in their Reader's Notebook. They also must write a wondering and prediction for the book in their Reader's Notebook. During the week, they find a favorite part of the book and read it to a partner to practice fluency. I meet with each group on Friday to see how the assignment is progressing. Each book group has a day that we meet to discuss their questions. I observe and take notes on who is participating and step in if I feel the student leading the discussion needs help. At the end of the session, the students write a short reflection on how the group went, their participation etc. It is difficult to do a basal and this type of literature group unless you really cut the number of days you are teaching it. My kids who are not in the lit. group are reading books from their leveled book bags. Possibly, if you introduced the story the first day to everyone and gave a basal assignment that could last several days, you could fit literature groups in between. We are doing Frindle, Teacher's Pet and Muggie Maggie for our first lit. groups. We also collectively came up with a set of literature group rules that we use to guide the operation of our groups.


gooney bird

i found that Lois Lowry's
green in an excellent book not only for literature circles but to boost writing in my class.


responce to queshtion

you should try the outsaiders by s.e. Hinton
then have them watch the movie its pg.
After that you should have them do a reading project twords the book it worked for my students and im shure it will work for yours