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3rd Grade Read To Self Accountability

Reading | Literature 


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Those of you who do Daily 5 in third grade, how to you keep track of how students are comprehending what they are reading during read to self?

I don't have any basal readers, so I am not doing small guided reading groups, however since I have 15 students individual reading conferences will work greatly.

I began checking in with students to make sure they know how to pick good fit books, however now I am trying to figure out how to check their comprehension.

What do you do? What works for you?


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My students are given "thinkmarks". It has places to record thoughts on one side and places to collect vocab words on the other. They then use their thinkmarks for word work (work with the vocab ) and write in their reading journal (respond to reading is what I use instead of work on writing). One one conferences also help.


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I do D5 for my High School Special Ed. class and for my high functioning students, I make them write me a 3 sentence synopsis on an index card as an exit ticket. I know there are also a lot of reading logs and reading journals on TPT.

For my low functioning students, my class is small enough that I can conference with everyone in one day.


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My students don't complete anything during read to self. I do meet with them individually a couple times a week and we discuss their book.