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48 hours and counting down . . .


Senior Member
I have to admit, I haven't touched anything related to school all weekend. I'm feeling a bit panicked this evening because of that, but I keep trying to remind myself: the next day and half is really close to worthless. I already know that I'll have several students absent from families beginning their Thanksgiving breaks a bit early, and the ones who remain in my classroom are mainly just going to be thinking break, so, since I don't want to attempt anything brand new, I'm kind of just babysitting for the next day and half.

Of course, in actuality, I'm also panicked because in under 48 hours, I head out of town myself, and my to-do-list of things that must get done before I go is still horribly long! <!--break--> I don't know where all the time went this weekend, but I certainly didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked. Leaving almost immediately afterschool on Tuesday (which is my plan), really only gives me tomorrow evening --- one evening to pack, put together sub plans for next Monday, and get a bunch of other odds and ends done around the house. Eeekk!! I still really dislike how getting sick put me so behind. If I had had last weekend to work, I don't think I'd have so much to do . . . but oh well . . . I'll survive somehow I suppose.