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Hi all! Does anyone know where I can find a list of books and their guided reading levels? I have the book "Leveled Books for Readers", but many of the new books aren't in there. Thanks! Susanne


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I use the Scholastic web site to level my books. It has tons of books listed. Go to their Reading Counts link (on right side of home page). When you get there, you have to click on one of the links along the right side of the page (Shop Books & Quizzes in e-catalog). Then, along the left side you will see 2 boxes, 1 says title, the other is blank. Using these 2 boxes, you can search for books and their levels by typing the name of the book in the empty box. When the book comes up, click on the name of the book and all of the info on that book will come up including the GR level, lexile level, ...
Hope this helps you - it has been great for me!:)