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4th guided reading

Reading | Literature 


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Hi! I need help, please! I am supposed to be doing guided reading at least 20 mins per group multiple times a day AND teaching students how to learn 4th grade reading enough to pass the State Exam... EXCEPT I have 5 classes...45 MINS EACH. Oh, and I don't know how to do guided reading. Can anyone help me?
Thanks in adavance


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Guided reading with 1/2 class

I also see my class for a short period of time, so i look at a week at a time instead of daily guided reading. I work at listening to the kids read a little each week. I focus my guided reading time on questioning. While i work with on group, the others work on reading vocab, read in pairs, or skill work online. Sometimes I work with smaller groups if I feel like there are a few that need the more focused work.
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