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50 state valentine exchange (grades 4-6)



I am organizing a 50 states Valentine Exchange. It
works similar to a postcard exchange, except we exchange
valentines! You would be responsible for having your class
make and send a valentine to each participating state. In
return your class would receive a valentine from each
state. Last year was so successful! Some people did this
with just their class, some did their whole grade level,
and some involved their entire school! Grade levels
varied from kindergarten to 6th grade. We colored in a
state on our map each time we received a card. Last year
we had 46 out of 50 states participating!! The feedback
from last year was overwhelming! Many said it was their
favorite exchange ever and that their kids were SO excited
about receiving the cards in the mail! It was one of the
highlights of our school year!

Some states have already been taken, however, we need
someone to sign up for each of these states:
Alaska, Delaware,
Nebraska, New Mexico,
North Dakota, Utah, Vermont,
Please consider and sign up for your state! Email me offlist with
your school address ASAP: kristamalin@hotmail.com I will take the first person
from each state. I promise your class will have a blast!!

Marina Smith

50 State Valentines

I am interested in the 50 state Valentine Exchange. Could you please email me the details? I teach 5th grade in Leroy, Alabama. Thank you SO much!! Marina Smith


Hey!! Great idea!! How do I participate? My state, SC, is already taken but want to do this. How do I get started? Beth516@hotmail.com

Melissa M

I wouls love to participate. I am student teaching in PA and my unit is on the 50 states and capitals. I will be teaching my unit over Valentines Day. If I can be a part of this great idea let me know.

Melissa Hunt

50 State Valentine Exchange

How wonderful...I would love for my class to participate in this as well...can you get me the information ASAP...I just assigned each of my 5th graders a state to report on. What a great tie in and we get to do a Valentine's Day activity that fits in with our state standards...LOL!

Jen S.

I would love to have more info on the Valentine Exchange. Could you email it to me at sansone77@verizon.net


New Member
5th Grade Teacher

This is the first time I've been on this website in quite some time. I just saw this post and noticed no one had replied from Nebraska. I'm sure it is too late for this year, but if you will be doing this again next year I would love to be included. Thanks so much.