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5th and 6th Math Class


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Please help! After teaching nothing but reading and English for 6 years, I just found out I'm being moved to 5th and 6th grade math. I'm excited because I love math, but I have no idea of how to run the class (when do you do what in 50 minutes?), what to put on my bulletin boards, classroom games to play...and probably tons of other things I don't even know that I don't know!<!--misspeak-->

I only have one computer in my classroom and no smartboard or any technology beyond an overhead projector so computer activities are a no go. Anything else you can share would be GREATLY appreciated even if it's just a link to a site where I can learn how to do this.

Thanks guys!


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Math class

I teach 5th grade math and LOVE it!<!--lovestruck--> I have 3 rotating blocks. I begin each block with a "problem of the day" on the board. This is a word problem that the kids have about 3-5 minutes to solve. They put their answer with their name on a little slip of paper and drop it in the bucket. When everyone is finished, someone comes up to the board to work out the problem. Once we have a correct answer, I pull slips from the bucket...the first 3 correct answers pulled get a ticket. They LOVE this and it's a fun way to start class. Only takes about 10 minutes total if that.

Then I check the previous day's homework. They check their own with a red pen (I go around to check for completion and have a checklist for missing HW). If there are any questions about the homework, we go over them. This takes about 5-10 minutes also.

At this point I start the new lesson. I have a smartboard, but honestly, I use my overhead most of the time. After the lesson, the homework is assigned and they have a few minutes to get started. By then the class is over (60 minutes).

There are games sometimes as part of the lesson or review for a test. I taught self-contained (all subjects) 5th grade for many years, and just last year was assigned math when we departmentalized. I would NEVER want to go back. I can really concentrate on my subject and have time to find new games and activities. Good luck. You can PM if you want.:)