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5th grade and Valentine's Day


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This is my first year in 5th grade and I am not sure what to do about Valentine's Day. Do they still exchange Valentine's? Do they make pockets out of construction paper to put them in? I know this sounds petty but I just am so used to the younger kids and not sure what to do for 5th graders.
I would love your help.


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They may still want to exchange valentines, you could ask them and see if they want to or not. If not maybe you can find a craft or some puzzles they can do during the day to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Lisa B

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I teach fifth and my kids always exchange valentines. They don't all bring them, but I'd say 3/4 do. I have them decorate a paper lunch sack to hold the valentines. We don't make a huge deal out of the day, but they still enjoy it.


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I give them a white lunch bag the week before the party. I tell them to decorate the bag, and we will have a contest. One of the things I do at the party is give out prizes for different catagories. Some of my catagories are most artist, most creative, funniest, best fits the student. The boys even like this because they like the funny and best fits catagories. I often have camouflage or basketball bags.

Most of my students still bring cards. I tell them if they are going to bring cards they have to bring one for everyone. We have a party. It is our last one and probably is the most difficult to plan. I used to do a pinata for no reason other than the kids liked it and the other parties were so busy. We had time during this one. However, I don't have a place to put one since I moved buildings.


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Last year, we did "compliment cards" for Valentine's Day. Students were given index cards to decorate and write a compliment for their classmate. That way everyone got some nice things even though only a handful of them brought in candy/cards.


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I simply tell my class that if they want to bring Valentine's they must bring one of everyone in the class. The majority of my kids still bring them.


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When the 5th grade became part of the middle school 4 years ago, the teachers decided not to do Valentine's parties. We have an afternoon of ice skating instead.