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5th Grade Math Pen Pals



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Anyone interested in being math pen pals with a class in Texas? We could write letters to each other and send problems to solve. Each student would have another student to write to and communicate with. Would help with writing and math skills. Interested in a class not located near Texas so my kids could get to know about your students and state. I am teaching 2 classes of about 30-33 students in each class. I teach Math and Social Studies. I could do pen pals with one class or both classes. If interested let me know and then we could talk via email. Last year someone wanted to do this and my class started of writing and then they never responded.....my kids were very disappointed. This is fun and the kids get very excited when their letters come back and they read them. Hope to hear from you soon......:)


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I'm interested in the idea - but would like to figure out logistics a bit before committing, especially with the math piece - I'll have a class - self contained - of approx 24 this coming year.


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I'd be interested

This sounds like a neat idea, as well as a way to incorporate writing in Math. I'd maybe be interested. I teach 2 classes of Math, Science and Social Studies as well and could do it with both classes.


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pen pals

How many kids are in each class that you teach? That would be fun to do both math and social studies since I teach both of those subjects. If you want to talk about more details you can write to my school address....nancy.love@fwisd.org When do you start school? What state are you in?


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Math penpals

This sounds quite fun. I too was in a postcard exchange last year and only received 13 postcards by year end so my students were disappointed. I live in California and anticipate a class of 33 5th graders. If you still need a class to correspond with let me know. We are just beginning the Common Core standards this year so this would be a great jumping off point.