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5th grade Thanksgiving ideas


Lisa Oregon

Hi all!

I was wondering if there are any fifth grade teachers out there, that do something really fun/interesting for Thanksgiving? Like a craft, or a writing that gets the students involved. I am trying to come up with 4 stations that the kids will rotate through on Friday afternoon. Thanks so much for the feedback.


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Station 1 - Write, What I am Thankful For

Station 2 - Math problems ex: cost of food, use grocery ads So what does a thanksgiving meal cost?

Station 3 -Reading - Read book about Thanksgiving and then do a crossword or word search puzzle

Station 4 - Make Thanksgiving Craft for the table or place cards, design napkin rings out of cut up papertowel rolls, and construction paper

I also always buy pumpkin pies and whipped cream to share with all my students aand then have them share their What am I thankful For


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turkey disguise

This is a classroom favorite... Cut out a turkey outline on tag for each student. Supply them with scraps of contruction paper, markers, glue, etc. I have a creative little "newspaper" article that says something like: Gobble, Gobble News! It's that time of year again. Humans are on the lookout for turkeys to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. We all must disguise ourselves to avoid ending up on a platter. (It is more wordy and clever, but you get the gist.) They need to use the supplies to disguise the turkey to look like someone or something else. Some cute ones that have stuck in my memory were Batman, a cow, and a lady (I loved that one... she put a blonde wig on the head and beads around the neck.) It's a fun activity.

turkey day

in the school i am teaching at their is alot of new kids from different countries who havn't heard of it. its a good idea to ha ve them make a picture of what their thankful for, and share their turkey day triditions.