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6 Months and Already Crawling!


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DS is quite the mess! He has been belly scooting for a few months now and is now full fledge crawling! :eek:

DD didn't crawl until 9 months and walked at 15 months. I think I am in TROUBLE!!!

Tell me your experiences about your early crawlers. Do you think he will be walking by Christmas?!?!?! My nephew walked at 8 1/2 months and I am NOT ready for that!!!


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Crawling at 6 months

Both of my boys were crawling by the age of 6 months. One started walking at 8 1/2 months and was walking well by the time he turned nine months old. The other took a few steps at nine months, but really started walking well at 10 months. It really didn't seem to be a problem. They both were pretty easy going. We baby-proofed our house, but I don't remember having too much trouble keeping them out of things.


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walking at 8 mos.

My son skipped the crawling and at 5 mo was able to pull himself up and cruise around the furniture. By 8 mos he was letting go and into everything. He did go back and crawl around 10 mos. My daughter walked when she was 14mos and crawled around the 6th mo. It sure depends on the child. My son is definitley a physical learner- he also learned to ride a 2 wheeler without training wheels at 3 years old. He had to keep up with his older sister! The one problem I had with him learning to walk so early, was he sure didn't understand the word, 'no'! Enjoy every moment! Time sure flies.


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never crawled

My four year old never crawled, she went straight from just sitting around and scooting to running. We skipped an entire stage or two. She is still very active and energetic child.


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lol, my boys were late walkers-- the first one walked at 15.5mo, the next at 17.5mo. Interestingly enough, however, my first son crawled just before a year, and my second son (the later walker) started crawling at 6mo. He was content to just crawl for almost a year after that!

My daughter, on the other hand, was crawling by 5mo and walking before 9mo. I found her on the counter tops searching the cabinets for food by the time she was 10mo and she crawled out of her crib before 10 months as well. She learned to open doors early, climbed fences before a year (but could not always hang on- yikes!) and basically has always been a super active, adventurous little girl. My boys, on the other hand, are very complacent to just hang out.

So, from my experience, you never know-- your little one could walk super soon like my daughter, or wait a long time like my son did. Good luck ;)


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My older DD crawled at 6 months and walked at 10 months. My younger DD turned 6 months on Nov. 16 and is also crawling! I think that she is trying to be just like big sister. Good luck with your new crawler!!


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My DS, now 11,:( wasn't much of a crawler, but was a full fledged walker by 9 months.