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6 Traits Lesson Plan



I am going to be observed in about 3 weeks. I will be in a 5th grade ELA class. I want to do something with the 6 traits. I need some really really "wow" lesson ideas... seeing as Im trying to get a job for next year.
My class is familiar with the 6 traits and we're using the rubrics..
I want to pick one of the traits and do a full blown lesson with it..
Any help would be great...


6 traits

We did the trait on organization, that involved cutting up parts of the story Jack and the Bean Stalk. We read the story (shortened version about 13 sentences long), then we talked how when things are organized they make more sense. With the students in groups, they were to pass out the sentence strips and they had to paste them on construction paper in the right order. It is important to remind them to put them in order first and then paste. It takes them talking it out to put the story in order. It was fun to see them work it out. If you do a search for the 6 traits of writing, you might come across it or just create your own.