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6th grade math


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I just found out that I might be taking over sixth grade math for a maternity leave starting in March. Can you seasoned sixth grade teachers tell me what I could be teaching at that point? I am only a student teacher right now, but I will graduate in December. I am happy for this opportunity, but I have NO IDEA what to expect! I am student teaching right now in 2nd and LOVE IT!!! I only did one of my field experiences in 6th, but that was health. Any help and ideas would be appreciated!




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I'd go on the district or county website and see if they have a pacing guide or curriculum map up. Don't worry too far ahead though. A couple of weeks notice will give you plenty of time to plan.


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I want to keep who I am private since I have shared this site with several staff members..and I don't think they know who I am so.....

Since you are taking over in March what I would do is ask the present teacher where she thinks she will be...is there a book you could borrow, even if it's a student book so you can get familiar with the content. 6th grade is basically a review of k-5..it isn't that tough but what I have found you will be dealing with that is more aggreviating is the hormones are really kicking in by spring and we see a big change in the kids...so the nice sweet kids are now not sure who they are or where they are going and it's frustrating for them, because they don't understand "what's happening" to them.
I wouldn't make huge plans because the teacher may or may not be exactly where she thought she would be. But you can atleast start looking at the book and getting some ideas in place

Good Luck...you never know this may be the grade you LOVE


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don't worry be happy

this could be the break you need to get into a school full time...not sure what the hiring is like in your county.

Remember that there are tons of resources on the internet....just goggle the topic you are teaching and you can find all sorts of things.

Also any first time teacher makes lots of mistakes that they wish they could have a redo on...nothing bad..but like figuring out management issues etc. so this might be just the perfect starting point to get your feet wet.

I think I like the previous post idea about getting a copy of the book...if it appears they go in order look how far they are now and take a guess where they will be or ask the teacher. If you don't want to tip the teacher off you might get the job then talk to the principal about getting a copy of the book.

6th grade is still basic math so you shouldn't be to loss.

Good luck! You might become a middle school teacher after all:D


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I would talk to the current teacher and ask her where they are and see if she has a lesson plan already figured out for the time she is going to be gone.

Good luck!


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thanks for the website

Wow- it is great to see what someone's math journals look like. I can't wait to use some of the ideas. Thanks for sharing.