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A Beka



My daughter is about to place her child in a christian school (prek-high school) that uses the A Beka (sp?) program. My granddaughter will be in the pre-k program and they also use this program. Do any of you have experience with this program, or do you have any opinions of it? I'm wondering if it provides a sound basis for students in all grades. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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abeka program

I have taught the abeka math before (a few years ago - 6th) and this year our school changed the curriculum of K - 6 to all abeka. I have heard some wonderful things about it and I'm really enjoying teaching it. I cannot really help you with the early elementary, but in upper elementary it can be quite challenging. For example, I know they review material in 5th that they have mastered (I hope) in 4th, but it introduces a concept in one lesson then moves on. They get review of it from now on, but sometimes you need to practice the concept in many ways, different times to really master it. The next day is a new lesson. The day after that is another new lesson. Yes, the lessons progress from what you learned, but if you didn't learn it in the one lesson, you may get lost. We (teachers) have learned to use it as a guide and pull in other resources as needed. I do REALLY like how it emphasizes Christian values and beliefs, but do be careful since not everyone believes the same way. This curriculum is just ONE resource to use for educating. One issue we had this year in science is our book states : "Man was created . . . to rule over the animals. Man is more than a physical being; he is a spirit created to know and serve his Creator. Unlike the animals, mammals included, man will live forever." I believe that animals (especially pets) go to Heaven. However, according to our science book, they don't. Try telling 10 year olds that their beloved pets are gone forever - I just don't believe it. Needless to say it made for a great debate/teaching moment.

Anyway, back to the point, my research uncovered that in the early years, abeka students are more advanced than their peers, but by 4th or 5th grade it evens out, then by high school, there is no real advantage. I'll know more in the years to come since this is just our first year of an all abeka program. Good luck; I hope this helped! :)



I have taught several programs and currently teach ABeka. I have taught it at 1st and now at 3rd. My own two children have been on ABeka for years. I love it. It is really good up to about 3rd. Later teachers have to add a lot of comprehension to the reading, but it is still good. In fact, the Math is accelerated to about a year ahead. But the kids soak it all up. I have to say it is the best program I have taught.



Thank you Phoebe and SSS for the replies. It sounds like this will be a great program for my little granddaughter. Phoebe, I agree with you about pets being in heaven. Both of you keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!


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I teach k4 Abeka!

I have used this program to teach k4 for 7 years. It is a great curricula. Yes, it is 'advanced' but if your child is enrolled in the class then they should do fine (we prescreeen, I think most schools do)

It is a phonics based program. If the school uses all the subjects your granddaughter will learn to read by the end of the year. I mean basic sentences: "The cat ran." etc. It also includes number recognition to 20 and oral counting to 100, as well as introduction to addition. It also teaches cursive writing from day one. This usually raises some eyebrows, but it is very well done and by the end of the year 90% of my students will be able to write there first name , and you can read most of them.:D The curricula also includes instruction in manners, safety, vocabulary enrichment, songs, and Bible. I also add mini 'units' to deepen the subjects I think need a little more emphasis.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me or post them here.

I am sure you will be delighted with the outcome. :)



yes my children used it it is great. they learn phonics and it is great


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My son was taught to read using ABeka, and he was reading before he finished kindergarten. I was very impressed with it.


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I have taught in public schools for 20+ years and recently took a "vacation" from public schools and teach 1st grade at a private school using the A Beka curriculum.


Its incredible - at least at this level. My students coming into 1st grade were reading! Teacher friends teaching in public school are tired of hearing me priase the program, and I have got to say that in 20 years I have not taught a better curriculum.

The way it is set up, it is easy to teach and the students are doing very well with it - even though it moves very quickly. It is well-rounded, includes all subjects, and it includes frequent assessments and great opportunities for re-teaching and tutorial time for students struggling with any part of the program.

My youngest daughter has been enrolled in the Kinder A Beka program for 4 months and can already write simple sentences, count to 100, and read environmental print and simple books. OhMyGosh!!!

...and she LOVES school!


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what more can we say miss lisa

Those of us who teach with ABeka know how good it is. It is simple basic and teaches what kids really NEED to know :D

so glad you and you daughter are enjoying it. This curric. is not just for smart rich kids. Just about any kid will learn when taught this way.


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I'm usually on the substitute forum but came over here tonight to look for a place to get a pen pal for my 2nd grader son.

My 3rd grader son used Abeka when in Pre K and Kindergarten and did great using the phonics. When we had to put him in public school in the 1St grade he was way ahead of the other kids in the phonics but was behind in comprehension. By Christmas he caught up and is still on the high average side of reading and has a 7th grade comprehension level. From the little I know, if a child is going to go through Abeka the whole way then it is a really great program. If a child completes onlly a little bit in the first years it can cause gaps in their learning that will need to be caught up on if they go to public school.

But then again my 2nd grader used Abeka in K4 and is in the gifted program in public school. Maybe it all depends on the child. but these are my experiences with abeka.