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A book by Chris Van Allsburg



He has a book entitled, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. There are not many words but that's what makes it good. The illustrations are fascinating and leads to many writing prompts calling one to use their imagination. Does anyone know of anything else similar to this book? There are only I think.. 16 pictures in this book. I got the portfolio edition with poster-like pages. Something with intriuging pictures that would lead to writing appropriate for elementary? I hope there's someone who can help! :) I guess if all else fails, I can do Images on Google!


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go on amazon.com and search picture books, or wordless picture books. There are a few by Tomie dePaola, one is about pancakes. Chris van Allsburg has The Stranger also.


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Chris Van Alsberg unit

We do an entire writing unit in October using these books. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a favorite. We also write an alternate ending for Jumanji (started doing this LONG before Zathura came out). I read The Stranger aloud, and give a treat for all who correctly identify who it is. we also use several other books as well.

Another nearly wordless book that leads to a good writing project is Tuesday by David Wiesner. It chronicles a night when frogs fly. There is also a very short video of this book that I got from a book order years ago. It is by American School Publishers. Don't know if it is still available. Anyway, I have my students write the story of Tuesday, then we write ANOTHER story about what might happen NEXT Tuesday. The book shows one page of flying PIGS!

David Wiesner has several wordless books out.


Wordless book

Rain by Peter Spier is my favorite wordless book. I haven't been able to find it since college...

Peter Spier also has a wordless Noah's Ark.


Writing Prompts

You can buy calendars at the Dollar Tree or 99 cent stores. Pull them apart, and just use the pictures. Laminating them helps.