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A Christmas Carol parade float



The kitchen is clean and my stomach is bursting....on to the next order of

My class makes a float for the Christmas parade, every year. This year the theme for the parade is "A Christmas Carol." My theme in my room is mysteries. We decided, as a class, that we would incorporate the two ideas and do an "I Spy A Christmas Carol" float. The kids love the I Spy books. I need your creative minds to help us come up with as many objects as we can, to put on the float from the book/movie. Can you think of any ideas?



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a car with a tree tied on top

flip with his tongue stuck to a flag pole

Randy in his snow suit

wood crate with "fragile" on it

The leg lamp

red rider BB gun

bandits in black and white outfits

Ovaltien (spelling ?) secret code

I know there is so much more, but turkey is clouding my brain.

It sounds neat, good luck and have fun.


What book/movie are you doing

Thanks, but are those ideas from A Christmas Carol? LOL


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Food has clouded my thoughts today. It was easy to get confused, but after I reread your post, I had to laugh at myself.

I will think before I respond again.:D


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How about a crutch (for Tiny Tim)

a goose or turkey, but I think in the story it's a goose

chains (Jacob Marley)

nightshirt and cap what Scrooge wore)

maybe one of those scream masks for the Christmas future character

wreath for the head of Christmas present

gold coins

I'll keep thinking!:s)


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Those are great!

Thank you those are the kinds of things I was looking for...if you think of any others, please post!