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A condo neighbor has Covid


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My lovely vaccinated neighbor, a doctor, has Covid and is isolating in a bedroom, away from her husband and 8-year-old son. This is the thanks she gets for helping others. She’s told me several times she only worries about her unvaccinated son. Now this.


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That is terrible. I hope she recovers quickly and her family doesn't get it. Why can't people just get vaccinated and wear masks? I'm so disheartened by the way people act during this pandemic. :(


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Be careful

It's really sad that people must risk the health of their own family to help others. I'm so thankful they do, but the sacrifice is real. Hopefully her son and husband remain well. I always comfort myself saying my nurse daughter in law has a little more knowledge than most about preventing an illness to spread through their family when one of them is sick. Covid has put a kink in that since it is respiratory, but she is still more aware and that comforts me. My son was sick recently, and during a video call the curtains, and even the kids' hair was being blown by the wind. A typhoon was bringing high winds through Tokyo and she took advantage of those winds, opening all of their doors and windows. They are on the 8th floor so the winds were quite dramatic. A little bit of old time thinking, but it couldn't hurt. I'm sure your neighbor is doing everything in her power to protect her family too, even if it is to just hide in the bedroom. Remember to be cautious in shared areas such as elevators, since its likely that her son and husband have to go out at some point, maybe for a grocery trip, work or school.


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How horrible

I hate hearing this type of news. It’s far too common. I know of too many people who refuse to get vaccinated.

I went to the doctors this week and they ask the standard COVID Questions but not if I received the vaccine. Very weird.


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My prayers for her family. My son works in the ED and just accepts despite all his precautions and PPE, it’s just a matter of time. His hospital is in a low vaccination area of the country.


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Hope she's ok...medical people truly are operating in the line of fire:(

I'm hearing about breakthrough cases IRL unfortunately.

My mom's vaccinated friend just got diagnosed with covid...she unknowingly caught it from her vaccinated daughter:(:confused: Apparently the Delta variant is crazily contagious. Thankfully it's not a severe case, which she credits to having been vaccinated... but it still sounds pretty awful.


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Sending prayers for your neighbor and her family. How sad to put your life on the line and need to worry that you will infect your loved ones because someone doesn't think beyond their own selfishness. I hope she has a quick and healthy recovery.


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Hopefully it will be like the majority of cases of people who are vaccinated and be mild. A friend of a friend was vaccinated and in his 20’s, got pretty sick but pulled through.

I am thankful to live in an area that is somewhat good on vaccination rates and most of the places I go are higher as well as the overall rate high. I am still paranoid, especially with school starting.