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A fun idea needed



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Our students’ last day isn’t until June 15th. Lucky you!
We’ve been doing an ABC Countdown to summer. A-art project, B- bubbles, C-chalk…It can be something simple like Kick Off Your Shoes Day where students wear socks in the classroom.
Maybe have a themed day like Sports Day (wear team shirt), Super Heroes Day (dress like a super hero) and Disney Day (dress like your favorite Disney character or wear a t-shirt, Patriotic Day (wear red, white and/or blue and sing patriotic songs).
You can have a dance party and dance for movement breaks throughout the day. Besides free dancing to music, we did the Alley Cat, the Chicken Dance, Mexican Hat Dance and Hokey Pokey.
Other ideas:
-have students bring in board games to play.
-make a memory book.
-teach kids how to play checkers and have a checker tournament.
-do coding activities.
-bring in plastic cups. Have students work as teams to do cup stacking and have them build with the cups.
Some years I have the students help clean the toys and the room on the last day. ( plastic tubs with dish soap/water, tubs with water and lots of towels) They check the puzzles for missing pieces, go through book shelves to pull out old books….


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We're doing a color day with some color experiments, doing a butterfly symmetry painting, and reading various color-related books.

I've done a bubble day and made bubble prints, blown giant bubbles on our tables, put the kids in a bubble (using a kiddie pool and a hula hoop), used various household items (whisks, etc.) and different bubble wands to blow bubbles, have them make puoe cleaner bubble wands of various shapes and predict what shape the bubble will be, and read bubble stories.

A science experiment day is fun.

Cooperative games day.