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A rash of condoms


c green

Condomania. Some little twerp is bringing Durex to class, unwrapping them, and scattering them around. On the floor. Over the doorknob (twice in two days). And now, an unrolled one, unwrapped, on my desk.

Tried to have the rational talk yesterday. Much "EEEEEEUUUUUWWWW!"

No change.


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He who smelt it must have dealt it...

I have third graders, so the problem is different. But I had one kid who keeps going off about farts. Won't stop talking about it if he hears or smells one. After the rational discussions didn't work, I mentioned that my dad used to say something like, "He who smelt it must have dealt it." And I explained what it meant. Didn't try really hard to stop the laughter and finger pointing at the fart smeller (I mean smart feller). He hasn't smelt anything untoward since.

Translated to junior high , I might mention in a very round about, delicate way, that leaves you plenty of room for deniability, that someone who has condoms to throw around the classroom clearly isn't getting any.

I might say: "Condoms are for preventing pregnancy, and for preventing the spread of aids and disease. Obviously, these particular condoms aren't being used for that. That's a good thing. I commend you for being celibate, and encourage you to continue to do so. That's a wise decision at your age."

Never mind. Your crew might fire back with used condoms.


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the tattle tale method

One of my former principals would have everyone take out a sheet of paper and write down (anoymously) who they saw doing the deed. Because it was anoymous, you're more likely to get results. She did this in middle school and claimed it worked every time.

I've seen principals make it work. I haven't had much luck with the tatic, but I haven't used it lately. (Might try it tomorrow. Someone stole something of mine.)

You could try it and see how it goes.


never a dull moment

I would take the suggestion from PrivateEyes except maybe suggest someone has a very immature fetish with male private parts. Make it sound sick.

You also might let them know that you don't need condoms but thank them very much for thinking of you.

Save the condoms and put them in an envelope for your principal. Staple them to the referral when you send it to the office. Better yet, mail some home to mom and dad.

I like the idea of the anon. tattle-tale. I am going to remember that.


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stuff like this pisses me off because i can't believe i didn't see it happen!

put a video camera in the corner and catch those evil geniuses.



You didn't say what grade you teach. To tell you the truth, if it was an ongoing problem i would ask for permission to do a sex-ed session. i would let parents know that the children were interested in sex and we needed to clear the air. Make them say sex..sex..sex...condom...condom...condom until it looses it's meaning, etc.

Where is the kid getting them from???? Mom and Dad???? I hope the kid dosn't have them to use them!!!