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Just wondering about other opinions on the whole A-Rod possibly re-signing w/ the Yankees thing... I guess, as a Yankee fan, I would be glad to see him back, but I think the general consensus was good riddance... The amount of money he was requesting is beyond ridiculous...it seemed so unseemly and greedy.

So for my fellow Yankees fans.... do you want to see him back?
For the (crazy) people who do not like my beloved Yankees;)... did your team want him? Did you want your team to sign him?
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Mrs. R

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I guess if you really love the Yankees you could blame the whole fiasco (A-Rod acting like a greedy jerk and all) on Scott Boras. I think he loses sight of what's best for his clients and sometimes scoring the biggest paycheck isn't best.

I'm one of those crazy people who want A-Rod nowhere near my team. He would be crucified in Boston for his behavior in the 2004 ALCS and for the fact that he can't seem to hit in the postseason. I'm praying we re-sign Mike Lowell.


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I can see your point about saying good riddance BUT if he is willing to come back for less money that I can't have a problem with that. He is a great player and with the way they Yankees are going, we really need him!

I do also agree that his agent is to blame ;)

Garden Gal

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keep him

In one breath A-Rod said he'd never leave Seattle and in the next signed with Texas. For two years everytime the Mariners and the Rangers played the Seattle fans through paper money and booed. He left for $$. Pretty soon he turns around and goes to the Yankees. I sure hope the Red Sox don't sign him. I heard one announcer say that A-Rod and Jason Varitek don't get along. Anyone know anything about that rumor?


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mariner country...

had him, lost him, good riddance. I don't think anyone has been as consistently boo'd upon return as he has.

Mrs. R

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I heard one announcer say that A-Rod and Jason Varitek don't get along. Anyone know anything about that rumor?

Remember the game in July 2004 when Varitek and A-Rod got in a fight. A-Rod got hit by a pitch and was mouthing off at the pitcher (Bronson Arroyo, I think). Varitek followed him down the line to protect the pitcher and told him, in so many words<!--misspeak-->, to keep going. They they started shoving each other and came to blows. That incident lit a fire under the Red Sox. They started clicking after that and the rest is history. I'm sure that's what the announcer was talking about.

That's another reason for the Sox not to sign A-Rod. I think he would be poison in the clubhouse. Re-sign Lowell, re-sign Lowell, re-sign Lowell. . .


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Yankee fan here

I am a New Yorker and I love my Yankees. Sorry Tammy but you need to share DJ with me.

As for A-Rod if he takes less money we'll keep his bat but he doesn't have a true Yankee attitude. He is all about the cash. If he leaves, see yah. I think New Yorkers will hate him more if he does go to the Mets!!!!