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a token program for second grade


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Does anyone have a token program for second graders who are ADHD and ODD? My students is very disrespectfful,they want to run aroung the classroom,call names ; very poor listening skill. I teach in a inner-city


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Bonus Bucks

I use BB as an incentive for students. They can earn a BB for anything that I deem appropriate. Walking quietly in the hall, finishing work in a timely manner, clean work area, good center work, manners, on task behavior, helping others, participation, etc.... anything. I let them come to the BB store on Fridays when we have time. I am sure to reward those that have behaved by letting them go first. If they have not behaved that week they may not get a chance to go at all. They can spend or save. They can also lose their bb for not behaving. I have a list of items they can buy. Usually these are free, things I get from parents, scholastic, whatever. Here's my list: (those I can remember)
$5 candy
$10 pencil
$15 junk drawer ( a drawer of small items such as little erasers, book marks, pencil grips, etc...
$20 Shoes off in room all day
$25 Sit at special table with a friend
$30 No homework
#35 Read to class
$40 Computer time
Continue to increase in $5 increments
teacher helper, pet patrol, draw on board during free play, treasure chest (stuffed animals and little toys I brought from home), free book pick (from book order Bonus points), ice cream at lunch, read to last years teacher, etc....
This system seems to work well for me. This is the first year I have used this one in particular. It has gone well and I plan to use it from now on.

Also, in the past I have used links. I went and bought some links from the teacher supply store. Students earned a link for things like the things I listed above. For every ten links they could turn them in and get a toostie pop.