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a vs. an


Senior Member
I am curious what you all do in your classrooms when a kindergartener writes a sentence using 'a' when it should be 'an'. (I see a apple.) Do you address it or not? I am using Kidwriting so I go behind them and write in 'adult' writing but am not sure if this is too complex an issue to address with them at these beginning stages of their writing. So far I have chosen not to address it so when I do 'adult writing' I leave off the n but the grammar police in me is struggling.


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I do!

I use Kidwriting too and I tell my Kinders the rule if they are speaking or writing. I usually just say "When we write, we use the word 'an' when the next word begins with an 'a' (or whatever vowel). If they ask 'why'- and you know there is always one that will! - I just say 'It's a writing rule and we have to follow it!".

I figure if they are ready- they'll 'get it' and apply it. If not... it doesn't hurt and maybe they'll 'get it' after the 30th time!