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ABC Art Ideas???


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Hello everyone!
Does anyone have a list of ABC art ideas? I am compiling a list for my Chicka
Chicka Boom Boom Letter Exchange participants and I'd like to add a few more
ideas. I will be happy to share the finished list when it's complete!!!

Thanks for any help you can offer,
Karen :)


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Is this what you are looking for? If so...
http://totallytots.blogspot.com/search/label/Now I Know my ABCs
Check out the above website. If you go to the right of her page, you'll see a category called, "Now I know my ABCs" and she has many adorable ideas.
Hope this helps!:)


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abc activities

there is a website called no time for flash cards (if you google it, it will lead you to the site) I just cannot remember the full name nor the website. It has cute ideas for all letters of the alphabet, I had to moditfy a bit, for it is certainly for very young kids. However, it also list books that you can use to teach and expand on a letter. I did try it for at least 10 of the letters this past year. The kinders did enjoy it and did learn the shape, the name and the sound of the letters.
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I do an ABC artbook every year. I got the idea from Shari Sloane's website! I can't think of the address and it's book marked on my other computer. Another source I got Idea's from was Dr. Jean. Anyway, here is what I do!

A-Ants (thumbprints)
B-Blue Bubble Bops (use baloons in paint and bop them on paper) or Blue Bubbles
C-Car Tracks
D- Dots (I use paper hole punches, but can use bingo painters)
E- Elbow Painting
F- Finger Paint
G-Glitter Glue (use as a paint and paint a pictures) or Glitter Glue Globs (put glue on and blow through a straw to get designs)
H-Hand prints
I- Ink splats
J- Jazzy Junk (use different things to paint like toothbrush, juice boxes, sponges, etc)
K- Kool-aid Paint or Key rubbings
L-Letters (cut out of magazine) or Little to Large (draw a small shape and trace around it bigger and bigger)
M-Marble Paint
N- Nature Scene
O-Orange O's (use Toilet paper rolls)
P- Pudding Paint, or Purple Potatoe Prints
Q-Q-tip Painting
R- Red Ribbon Rectangles (use ribbon and make them into rectangles)
S- Sponge Painting
T- Toothpic Triangles
U- Upside down pictures
V- Vegetable prints
W- water colors
X- X-rays (use Q-tips to make skeletons)
Y- Yellow Yarn
Z- Zig Zags

hope that helps a little


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ABC Art Ideas

Thanks everyone for your ideas... here's what I have so far (from lots of different sources!!):

ABC Art Ideas!
A: alphabits cereal, apple prints, apple collage, ants (thumbprints), applejacks
B: balloon prints, band-aids, beans, buttons, blue, brown, black, bubble paint
C: corn prints, coffee, crayons, cotton balls, confetti, coupons, car tracks, carrot prints
D: dots (hole punches or bingo dobber dots), dinosaur tracks, doughnuts, daisy, dirt, doodle
E: egg paints, erasers, elastic, eye dropper painting, egg shells, elbow painting, googly eyes
F: fingerprints, finger paints, fruit, foil, food color, flowers, feathers, fish
G: glitter, gum balls, golf balls, green grass, goldfish, green, glitter glue
H: hearts, hoops, handprints, hay
I: ice cube paint, ice cream cones, ink splats
J: jello sprinkles, junk, jellybeans, jewels
K: key rubbings, kites, ketchup, kisses, Kix cereal, Kool Aid paint
L: lipstick, lemon juice, leaves, letters, ladybugs
M: marbles painting, magazines, marshmallows, fingerprint mice
N: newspaper, noodles, nature scene, nickel rubbings
O: O’s cereal, octopus, oatmeal, orange O’s (use toilet paper tubes), oil, orange fruit prints
P: paint, potato prints, pumpkin seeds, pencil, pink, purple, penny, pom poms, pipe cleaners
Q: q-tip painting, quilt, quarter rubbings
R: rainbow, ribbon, rice, rope, rubbings, red, rectangles
S: string prints, soap, sponge painting, sand, stamps, Skittles, squares, stickers
T: toothpicks, thumb prints, toothbrush, triangles, torn paper, tea,
U: underwater art (crayon resist), umbrellas, US flag, upside down pictures
V: vines, Velcro, vanilla, veggie prints, vases of violets and vines, valentines
W: wood, water, watermelon, wheels, wax paper, water colors, wallpaper
X: x-rays, x marks the spot, exit signs, Dem Bones: for x-ray
Y: yellow yarn, yeast, yellow yo-yos
Z: zebra stripes, zippers, zeros, zigzag rickrack, zipper rubbings