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ABeka Curriculum Help!!!



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Abeka Curriculum Help!
Greetings Fellow Teachers! I hope this finds you all enjoying the tail-end of summer vacation! I was wondering who out there is familiar with the Abeka Curriculum!? If so I need your help! Ok so in September it will be my 3rd year using the Abeka Curriculum, for all subject matter and you would think I knew how to use the curriculum and I do; don’t get me wrong, but this year I really want to use the curriculum to its fullest capacity and make it POP!!! I want to add extra materials as well as really make it work for all types of learners (tactile, visual and audio). I welcome all ideas and feedback as to how you use Abeka and if any one adds or takes things away from the curriculum and if so what? I truly hope the above makes sense. Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!


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get them moving!

A Beka is a lot of sit and listen...sit and do! I taught straight A Beka for about 12 years. We have moved away from it but it is still the "foundation" for phonics, reading, and Bible.

I got colored paper plates: started with yellow for chart 6 from Dollar Tree and wrote one special sound on the back of each plate. Then I put the plates on the floor and let the kids march around.
When I say stop-they pick up a plate and spell say the special sound, clue word. Each child does spell say the special sound, clue word for his plate. If it is a small class we pull out the plates that have been done. We do this for 3-4 rounds.

To step it up a bit this year I'll have one child pick up the plate do the sound etc. and then go around the circle and each student gives a word using that soound eg. AY say day play etc.

We dramatize some of the stories in the reading books...

Try sitting on the floor for whole group instruction...and then moving to desk/table.
I use mini white boards for math fact practice....