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ABeka Curriculum Help!!!



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Abeka Curriculum Help!
Greetings Fellow Teachers! I hope this finds you all enjoying the tail-end of summer vacation! I was wondering who out there is familiar with the Abeka Curriculum!? If so I need your help! Ok so in September it will be my 3rd year using the Abeka Curriculum, for all subject matter and you would think I knew how to use the curriculum and I do; don’t get me wrong, but this year I really want to use the curriculum to its fullest capacity and make it POP!!! I want to add extra materials as well as really make it work for all types of learners (tactile, visual and audio). I welcome all ideas and feedback as to how you use Abeka and if any one adds or takes things away from the curriculum and if so what? I truly hope the above makes sense. Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!


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A Beka

This is my 2nd year using it. I like the curriculum I just to tweak it a bit.
I teach a 1/2 combo but last year was 1st. I feel they focus too much on cursive writing and there is too much seatwork...
I lessen that to a more meaningful level- not so much rote copying of things. I add more to the creative writing portions and really dig into that. I do not follow the homework they give.
I use the once a week spelling, send the math paper from test day home as homework, and do 10 minutes of reading but I alter the page numbers so they aren't just reading a page or 2 of a story.
I also add a little to the science/social studies- like we did a big unit on butterflies. The kids loved it!
We do not use Abeka bible, we do our own thing for that.
Hope that helps.


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I have taught the ABEKA curriculum now for 11 years. I have taught it in grades K, 1, 3 and currently teach 4th. This is my fourth year in fourth grade.
Because the curriculum is so jammed packed, I have found it difficult at times to supplement.
Here are things I have done or now currently do:
I have morning work: Daily Lang. review and daily math review (books from Evan Moor Publishing)
I use 6 traits writing. (got a book from Evan Moor)
I try to provide more hands on practice in math using manipulative's.
(for example when I reviewed large numbers, I gave each student a packet of number cards with a few macaroni noodles. I would call out a big number like 12 million, 643 thousand and 20. And they would have to form the number. The macaroni was the comma.)
In History, sometimes I will spend a little more time on certain time periods in history, and forgo the "lesson number". For example, when teaching the civil war, I will still teach the lesson material, but also add my own stuff. I just cover the pages at my own pace and ignore the lesson number. (hope that makes sense)

In fourth grade, we do not use abeka reading. (thank God!) We use literature from Mos Dos Press. (love it!)
Also in 4th we use ACSI Science and Bible.

I will be glad to help you. There is more, I just can't think right now. Feel free to private message me. Would love to 'talk' with you through out the year. If for nothing else, than moral support! :D
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ABeka curriculum help

There is so much you can do to add to the curriculum. I'm wondering what grade(s) you teach. Here are my things that I do. I teach 4th grade

For reading I teach reading metacognitive strategies as we are reading the ABeka readers. Also, students are going to use some practice exercises on the computer. Google "Into the Book" on the computer.
For math I teach chants and songs to help students remember procedures and I use manipulatives as much as I can
For spelling I have students use a spelling game on the computer to practice their spelling words. The website is bigiqkids.com
For History I encorporate History Pockets from EvanMoor as much as I can. They tie in well with the chapters.
For Science and History I use powerpoint presentations to review the key concept.
For all subjects I try to encorporte dvds as much as possible. Our educational service district has a way for us to log on to their website and download educational videos. There is a fee I think, but our principal pays it because he is a big technology buff like me.

Hope that helps. Good luck


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Abeka 4th Grade

I am a brand new teacher and teaching 4th grade this year using the Abeka for the first time and I could use any and all advice to make the most of it! I find it so hard to get everything taught in the short amount of time that we have. Can anybody help me?