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Absence note



Here is a note I got today to excuse a child for being absent yesterday:

To when this may concern will you please excuse the absent of ______
due to illness recovery.

Do I laugh or cry? It's funny, but it's also pitiful!


That is pretty funny! :-D Those notes make me laugh but also feel badly. I think some parents are just so unable to put a sentence together that it's no wonder their children have difficulty also.

I received one earlier this year (that was apparently about homework) that said something to the effect of........

"I been have a concering about _________'s homework this passed night.
It be not sure of how to get it done because the math is not anything he had in school done or at home. Please excuse to us this work by phone."



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I had a student who was absent on Halloween. His letter said, "Please excuse _____ for being absent yesterday. He was doing Halloween activities with his father!" OK...so we miss school to carve a pumpkin! :confused: Couldn't that have been done over the weekend! Excuses...excuses...:mad: but you have to laugh!


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hair appointment

I got this note:

"Please excuse ______ from school yesterday, she had an appointment"
...the first grade child came to school the next day with highlights :rolleyes:


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Favorite Excuse

I get many weird excuses, but the one that stands out to me is a note that said...

"Please excuse ________ for being absent. He was helping me put together a fishing pole."

ALL DAY????????????????????????????????????????????



How 'bout this one?

"Please excuse _____ for being absent. The plumber had to come to our house." ????????????? When I followed up this strange note, the parent clarified it for me....her child had flushed is deceased hamster down the toilet, backed up the sewer system and they had to have a whole TEAM of plumbing folk out to their house to fix it. They made the son stay home to help. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


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Another excuse

Here's one I heard when I was a teacher's aide...

"___ could not do her homnework due to the fact that we had to go to a soccer party."

Priorities, right???


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A few years ago I actually got one of those "My dog ate my homework" notes. I could hardly believe it. I kept it too.


Absence notes

I have a mother whose excuses have gotten weirder and nastier as the year has gone on. The last one stated that her son had the stomach virus, which she knows is going around the school because her child caught it from someone here. She hoped that her son wouldn't throw up in my classroom so she would be forced to pick him up. She also expressed a wish that all the other children in the building were feeling better after their bouts with the stomach virus.


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My favorites

Please excused _____ for absent for to go to Mexico. (Spanish speaking parent)

I thought maybe someone in the family died or something. No, dad decided to take the kids to Cancun.

Dear Teecher,
Please escuse ______ for not bein in school he not feel good. if he not feel good today he can go to the nurse and call home. We come get him. (English speaking parent)

Please escuse_______ from doing his homework. We didn't have time last night. (The Movie was far more important)