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Accelerated Reader Rewards


Third grade

My third grade students set Acclerated Reader goals each month. At the end of the month, those who meet their goal get to do a fun activity. Some things we have done this year are hair painting, face painting, movies, lunch with me, etc. I need some new ideas for some rewards. Please help! Thanks!


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AR rewards

We do bring a pop or juice to school to drink, a free book from the book orders, Subway lunch with the librarian, lunch with your family in the classroom, lunch with the principal, and what we call "Knight for the Day". A knight is our school mascot. The person who earns this gets to sit where he wants, a free assignment, lunch with a friend, picture taken with our Knight costume, etc. :)

Ms. Teacher

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AR Rewards

The school I am in this year promotes AR within the whole school! At the end of each quarter there is an AR assembly. The students that reach their goal receives a certificate (can easily make one on computer). The class in each grade gets to keep a trophy that is presented until the next assembly. I use the Pizza Hut certificates as rewards 1X per month. Students who meet their goals get a certificate. They can earn ALL their P.H. certificates until the program ends in March.


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*How about a visit to a local Children's Hands On Museum?
*Know someone with a Limo? Give them a ride to a fast food place for lunch. We had a friend of our principal donate the use of a limo. The kids LOVED it!!
*Picnic in a park away from school.


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When I was an elementary librarian, we had Book Clubs. For example, students became members of the Berenstein Bears club after reading five books with 90% or 10 books with 80%. All of the possible clubs were place on a wall for all to see, and as students earned membership, their names were added to the list. They received a button (reading buttons that we made with a kit). Students attached these to their backpacks. After at least five students were in the club, they met in the library with me for lunch, and we had a book discussion. Students could be in as many clubs as we could form. (Now that I am not at this school, the program has continued, but students earn charms rather than buttons.)

Mrs. O

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Ask for coupons

Our local McDonalds gives Accelerated Reader coupons. You might contact your's to see if they offer those too. By the way, they also give us coupons for "Caught You Doing Good".

We also get various coupons from Frazoli's, El Chico, Brahms, and Applebee's.

We set reading challenge goals, and we put the names of all children who met their goal in a drawing to win a goody bag of prizes, which the parents donate. Generally, treasure box type items, small toys, stickers, games, books, candy, etc. They all work to meet it, but only 1 girl and 1 boy get drawn to get a prize. At the end of the year, children who met all of their goals are entered to win a Grand Prize (Bike, stereo, scooter, small T.V., etc.) We also take children who met all of their goals to the park for a picnic and they get a medal or trophy at the awards assembly at the end of the year.


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AR prizes

Our PTA sponsors AR and they chose ten prizes for the entire school; ranging from a pencil to a t-shirt. Each grade level of teachers come up with that grade's goals. Intermediate teachers set individual goals for students each two weeks. If they reach their individual goal they earn the next prize. They love it! I was amazed at how many local fast food places gave free certificates. They also came up with a free coupon to the school's monthly skating party.