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accomodations and how to evaluate



I have a student who can pass his math timed test...but only at 75 percent...on his report card do I check he needs improvement or satisfactory...he is at level with most students?

Mrs. G

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I would mark it satisfactory and make a note in the comment section that he needs to continue to practice his multiplication facts.;)


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On the same topic

I have a student that needs accomdations as well (hasn't been tested yet). I give so much extra to her and still with poor results. How do I help?


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making accomodations

If you are making accomodations for a student you should really indicate that on his/her report card. This is a very big issue where I teach right now. But more importantly as a parent if my child came home with a satisfactory mark I would be pleased and that would be the end of it. Remember, we only have these students for one year. What is going to happen next year when he gets a teacher that marks him honestly? His parents will not understand how suddenly he is not doing well. I hate it when I have a parent that was kept in the dark by the previous teacher. Luckily I generally have test data to back me up - even from the previous year. I had a student last year that could not read a thing that was put in front of him. (I teach 2nd) When I met with his parents they stated that he made all As the previous year and didn't know there was a problem. His mom said she was worried about his reading though becasue she 'thought' he should have been reading better. Most parents don't really know where there child should be performing academically. I showed her his DIBELS scores from 1st grade and told her where she should have been and it was shocking to her. She had no idea. I think you will be doing a disservice to not only this child but also his parents and next years teachers if you are not 100% honest about his grade.

Mrs. G

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In our district..

There is a difference between accommodations and modifications in our county. If we make modifications for children to be successful we mark them below grade level on the report card, but if we make accommodations they are still covering that same material in a different format and are considered to be on grade level. I would still meet with the parents to let them know what accommodations you are using to help them understand the material.:)