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Accountable talk

Language Arts | Writing 


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If you were going to teach students how to do Accountable Talk, would you call it something else for the younger students? They need to stick with the topic, listen and respond to their partner, and then give their thoughts.



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Accountable Talk

To me, accountable talk is more "professional talk" or jargon used more for teachers than for kids. I would use "Turn and Talk", Think Pair Share, or even "Let's have a partner conversation" for kids. Teachers can establish expectations about sticking to the topic, respond, listen, etc. when it is introduced. They can have an anchor chart for it with "looks like/sounds like", key phrases, expectations, etc. As a teacher, I've never said "Let's do an accountable talk." It's always "Turn to your partner and discuss..." With the expectations in place throughout the year.


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We use Habits of Discussion at my school. It includes the things you mentioned, with some hand gestures for things like agree, disagree, I want to build on that, etc.

I've used it K-3 and have found it to be successful. Part of that success is having it be a school wide thing where kids are seeing it in every classroom (not sure if it is for you, or just something you're doing). The kids remember the gestures and use them without prompting, generally.

When speaking about it with students I tend to refer back to the specific habit I want them to do rather than saying something like, "Remember our habits of discussion." So I'd say, "Eyes on the speaker, track Johnny" or whatever.