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accuracy when reading

Reading | Literature 


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I have several students who are very inaccurate readers. They just don't pay attention to what they say. This, of course, affects their running records scores tremendously. I have tried using an index card as a guide, running my finger along the text as they read, whisper reading as they read aloud, straight up asking them if that is what the text said, etc. They are just not aware of their errors. They think they read the words correctly! This is not a decoding issue. If I point to a word, they can read it. Their brains are just going faster than their eyes and they are saying what they think the text will say. I just don't know how to combat this issue.


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Reading for Accuracy

One way that I have made my students focus on accuracy is by having them practice tongue twisters. I generally bribe them with "Smarties" as their reward but they MUST READ 100% ACCURATELY to get the prize. I may offer a prize of 10 packages of Smarties to the person who reads the whole thing to me WITH OUT ERROR the first time they read it to me. They are given some time to practice and a copy to take home and practice. I have never given out 10 packages of Smarties! They continue to work at the tongue twister until they get it correct. I subtract one package of smarties each day and they can only try one time per day. I'm sure that I have given 5 packages at one time and maybe once 7. My favorite is Betty Botter and it is quite challenging.

Good Luck and let me know if you give it a try!


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Try duet reading. You pair 2 students who are at similar ability levels together. They take turns reading every other word. This forces them to read ahead. It increases their fluency too.