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ACK! Guided Reading Lessons


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I am sitting at home at 10:00 at night trying to get lesson plans done for next week. I am getting observed by an outside evaluator sometime this coming week and it is making me more nervous by the minute! This is an unannounced observation, but I want to be prepared. Does anyone have any wonderful guided reading lesson plans they would be willing to share? I have been all over the internet tonight and haven't found anything worth mentioning so far. I'm looking for plans that include drawing conclusions or using context clues. In addition to this, I have a blind student in my room and have to use the basal for his group, because it is the only reading resource I have in Braille. Thanks in advance.....


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Guided Reading lessons

Prediction is a great one to use. Read a page or two and have students predict what will happen next. Then read a little more and let them predict again. After reading the book they could rewrite another ending using one of their predictions from earlier in the book.

Or they can just look through the book and draw conclusions about what they think will happen. Let them draw a picture or write a paragraph, come back to the group and share. Then read the story and see what really happens.

You could also look for character clues. What is the author telling you about each character: description of what they look like, what they are doing, what they are saying? what does all this tell me about the story?

Hope this helps some.