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Action Research


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I would appreciate some ideas for my action research. It would be wonderful.

I was thinking morning meetings but do not know how to document or what types of info. to keep.

I was also thinking writer's workshop. Easy documentation but I have more of a passion for the first.

Even more of a passion would be that I think there needs to be some type of ongoing assessment to keep information fresh. There just really isn't any teacher lingo for this or reading materials. If you know of any I'd appreciate it.

Any other ideas. I would love to hear it!


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I've been teaching a loooong time, so I am sorry to say I am not certain what you are doing with your action research.

I love your interest in morning meeting. I start every morning with my 4th - 6th grade class with morning meeting and have for 17 years. I cherish that time and so do the children. If I were going to document morning meeting, I would write down some of the things the children talk about each morning. If this is a new activity for your class, I would also document any changes you see after implementing morning meetings.

Some of the greatest values of morning meetings to me are: setting the tone for the day, the children have the opportunity to talk about things they have on their mind (from trivial to very important), I get to know some of the things I might not otherwise know (my hamster died, I had a fight with my brother this morning, Grandpa got sick last night, etc), and the children feel trust and respect for each other.



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I've been teaching even a longer time, so this is terminology I am unfamiliar with; therefore I'm a bit confused. Action research for what? Outside of planning for morning meetings and writers workshops, what kind of documentation are you looking for? Tangible or through observation/opinion? What kind of assessment would you have with morning meeting? What grade level are you referring to? Perhaps others undersand what you mean, but I confess that I am lost.


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Action Research is for my Master's degree. I cannot off the top of my head think of what it replaced. Basically it involves implementing something directly related to education and documenting, analyizing, synthesizing, making observations, making speculations, and developing a conclusion based on the information. I'm still a little unclear myself so that is why I am stuck on documentation and what I need. I appreciate your efforts to try to help me. Thanks!


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action research/thesis

Action research can sometimes be done instead of a thesis. It depends on your program/college. I did my action research paper on multiple intelligences and the role that they play in sight word recognition. A few other topics that some of my classmates chose were: attendance and the role that incentives have on increasing it, bloom's taxonomy, parent engagement and its effect on student achievement.....etc. Hope this helps a bit.